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The release date of New World MMO has been postponed to September 28

The release date of New World MMO has been postponed to September 28

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The release date of New World MMO has been postponed to September 28

Not long ago, Amazon announced that it would release New World on August 31. According to the latest news, Amazon once again postponed the release date of the "New World" MMO, this time postponed to September 28. The company said that after collecting player feedback during the recent MMO closed beta, it will take them a few weeks to refine, fix bugs, and improve stability. Therefore, Amazon Game Studios decided to postpone New World again. Players will be able to experience the game officially on September 28, about a month later.

Amazon Game Studios stated that this is not an easy decision to make. They know this is not the first time they have changed the release date in pursuit of quality, and waiting longer may be disappointing. But they want to make sure that they will provide players with the highest quality games when they are released.

For those players who continue to Buy New World Coins pay attention, this is New World's fourth delay. When Amazon first announced the game, it said it would launch in May 2020. Its release date was initially postponed to August 25, 2020, and then Amazon announced a month later that it would launch the game in the spring of 2021. Then postpone the game until the recently planned release on August 31. This time the release date has been postponed again to September 28, about a month later.

It would be an understatement to say that Amazon Game Studios puts a lot of pressure on its parent company to succeed. After taking the unusual step of canceling the availability of its first AAA game Crucible, Amazon announced the first major delay for the game. Later, even the development of the game ended.

Before taking over as CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy told employees that he was committed to the New World Coins For Sale studio. He said that although they have been unsuccessful at Amazon Game Studios, he believes that if they persist, they will succeed one day. Now, the New World team has to prove that this confidence is hard-won. By the way, you can immediately visit NewWorldCoins to learn about the latest news of New World MMO, and you can also buy very cheap New World Coins there to prepare for the game in advance.