Mobile App Trends: Get in Line with 2020

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Having a mobile in a pocket is not a common thing to see, and having a mobile app developed is not a hard task master with number of mobile app developers in the market today.

Thirdly engaging and monetizing user is not a mountainous job.

With nearly 250 million users for over 1.8 million apps on Google Play and iOS App Store mobile app has surely jolted the world. Resource: VB Totally the average time spent on mobile device by the average US consumer from software development firm - -  has risen to 2 hrs and 42 mins per day, apps has continued to lead with 86% of the average US mobile consumer time this clearly reflects that mobile is dominating the center force with browser swimming for its breath.

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Top Growing Apps in 2019

It’s a common to ask how many apps on your smartphones than what’s plan for today? This has given way to photo sharing apps and the calendar that once used to be carried on briefcase is now built on your native apps on your phone. On an average a person having smartphone has 26 apps installed and roughly around 22% of mobile apps are abandoned after one use.

Study reveal that dating apps like Tinder, quick taxi app like Uber and app like YO App have been the fastest growing consumer apps with Tinder making its wings till today.

But why?

What is reason behind its popularity and its growth?

These apps have real life, a life that captured the user to large extent, also the photo and video-sharing apps allows user to capture real life moments, both for posterity and for sharing with others.

Ever since Tinder app was launched, smartphone app has bombed with a billion swipes daily, matching more than 12 million people, with more than 60 million active users. The company says, people log into the app nearly 11 times a day and women spend as much as 8.5 mins swipes during a single session, and men spend nearly 7.2 mins. Gone are those conventional days with dating app like Tindermaking its way almost daily in the market.

With more youngsters using apps, and hanging out in nights is a common things, with Uber descending, the life has made a smooth and tension fear especially after partying all night. It’s common to use Uber, the smartphone-enabled car service app from business application development -, an essential means of every urbanites who are indispensable part of their day and night life. The ride sharing services, like Lyft, Sidecar and others have made peripatetic to people more freely.

From tinder to Uber to people want to have fun all way, Flappy Bird was the ideal app, which user were waiting for long time, it came like a bird and flew back like a bird, an app which earned $50,000 a day from in-app advertisements, a side-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro style instantly captured millions of user within its short period time.

There are still plenty of apps which are still making the news and going to continue its trend in 2020 and as per the Target, mobile accounts for two-thirds of the retailer’s digital traffic and continues to rise. Companies are preparing for its revolution in the way user consume media, work, and play and shop online.

Let’s see which apps are going to make the trend in 2020?


User demand things instantly, and they want micro-moments customized into their mobile experiences that delivers in seconds. The technology to act in micro moments is happening with latest iteration of Apple’s system by software engineering company -, iOS8, user will be able to take action quickly in response to push notification.

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GPS and Geo Location based Apps

With apps in wallet, who would like to carry paper maps or bundle of papers to locate an area or remind a things, users are seeking more location based apps and geo-fencing that gives them their exact location, with enhanced navigation, interactive store maps, guide shoppers as per their needs and many more.

Photo Video Mobile Apps:

Americans spend roughly 33 mins per day watching video on their phones and 62% on smartphones. So running an advertisement will be going strong in future apps, the Mobile Marketing Association reports, non-skip able apps ranging from 15-30 seconds receive high completion rates.

Holiday, shopping and other mobile apps

As per Juniper Research, nearly 2 billion mobile users will make mobile commerce transaction by end of 2017. 77% of shoppers use their smartphones to compare the prices, to find nearby stores and look out for sales. National Retail Federation reveals more than half of consumers and mobile app developer - - use their smartphones while shopping during the holidays. So it is of no doubt that an app with holiday and shopping are going to make in a big way.

So which mobile app trend you plan to develop next year? Get in touch with us, we will help you to fill the sketch of your mobile app development and set it with the trend.


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