How to buy terpenes

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Terpenes not only smell, they also cause effects on the consumer. In fact, the huge differences found between different varieties of cannabis are thought to be due in large part to the different terpenes they contain.

Terpenes give cannabis plants their unique flavors and smell. Buy terpenes for sale Science believes that they could also influence the effects of each variety, so we've looked at what they are and how they work marijuana contains hundreds of fascinating phytochemicals.


We find notes of known aromas in the buds or in a glass of wine. When a variety of marijuana smells like pineapple it is because it contains a terpene that has that aroma and that is also present in the fruit. Our olfactory capacity is much more sensitive than our gustatory capacity, up to 10,000 times more, but we are not fully aware because our culture and civilization are based much more on the sense of sight or hearing than on taste. Most of us have real trouble talking about smells; but nevertheless,

The specific terpenes present in a variety and the relative concentration of each depend mainly on the genetics of the plant. Let's say that the recipe for your resin is in your DNA. But the total amount of terpenes in relation to the weight of the plant depends much more on the growing conditions. It is not clear what role terpenes play in cannabis. Some appear to have a role in the synthesis of THC and other cannabinoids. In fact, cannabinoids are terpenophenols, that is, they combine elements of two large chemical families: terpenes and phenols.

The combination of terpenes that gives a variety its particular smell could be considered as its aromatic fingerprint. Certain true terpenes are always found in cannabis resin, such as pinene, myrcene, or caryophyllene, but others are specific to certain varieties. Some terpenes can be found in large quantities; sometimes up to eighty percent of the total amount of terpenes corresponds to just one, while others are found in minute amounts.

The psychoactive effect

Terpenes can have pharmacological effects. In fact, many have them, and some are very powerful, even in very small amounts. Some terpenes present in the resin can modify, through different mechanisms, the effect of cannabinoids. For example, some bind to the same brain receptors as cannabinoids and probably alter the effect caused. Others affect the blood-brain barrier, allowing or preventing the penetration of different cannabinoids into the brain.