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The Ways To Avoid Amazon FBA Scams: What Do We Do To Avoid Amazon FBA Scams?

The Ways To Avoid Amazon FBA Scams: What Do We Do To Avoid Amazon FBA Scams?

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It is not a secret that there are scammers-buyers on many online shopping platforms. But we can stop them from happening to us with these tips below.

Amazon FBA scams are one of the most rampant cybercrime issues that are happening today. On many occasions, people don’t really know that they are scammed. As an Amazon FBA seller, we need to make sure that we can safeguard our account to ensure that we will not be scammed by cybercriminals.

If you happen to be a newbie Amazon FBA seller, then you are in luck. In this article, we are going to write down some of the tips on how you can avoid Amazon FBA scams before it hits you.

Which Scam is which?

The first important tip that you need to remember is to know the Amazon FBA scams. Knowing these Amazon FBA scams will help you know how to avoid them. Knowing the nature of the scam will help you learn to find ways to avoid it. For example, in the Amazon FBA scam, replace and return, how will you know that the scammer hasn’t replaced your item with a broken one? Some sellers use anti-tamper stickers to avoid these issues.

You must know the nature of the scam to find ways on how to prevent it from happening to you.

Anti-tamper Stickers are your best friend

Another important tip that you can do to avoid Amazon FBA scams is anti-tamper stickers. Anti-tamper stickers play an important role in electronic and gaming devices. You should consider investing in one. This way, you will be able to tell if your product was replaced by the scammer. It is also best that you do check out Amazon’s RFID tamper stickers. It might help you stop scammers from ruining your business.

Always on Track

Another important tip that you need to remember is product tracking. As a seller, you shouldn’t just rely on the buyer’s tracking. It is important that you also track your shipments on daily basis. This way, you can avoid the Amazon FBA scams like failure delivery. You must check and take note of the location of the parcel until they are delivered to their recipients.

Read and Understand the Amazon FBA Policies

Another important tip that you need to do is read and understands the Amazon FBA policies. The Amazon FBA policies will help you understand how you should react and respond in case of bad buyers. Aside from that, it will help you understand the policies, be it issuing refunds or product replacements.


As an Amazon FBA seller, you must take precautions from Amazon FBA Scams. These scams can cause grave harm to your business. These tips may not only be the solution to avoid scammers on Amazon. However, these tips can help you double up your security. This way, you get to run your Amazon FBA business with no worries at all.