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Tips To Fix The PayPal Login Error

Tips To Fix The PayPal Login Error

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PayPal is a money-transferring app that has completely changed the way of sending or receiving money.

Millions of people around the globe rely on PayPal login to send or receive money online. PayPal is a bug-free application, which makes it quite popular among business communities and individuals. However, PayPal also has its fair share of errors and glitches. Several issues do show up from time to time, affecting hundreds of thousands of users. One such error is PayPal Login error.

Why I can’t access my PayPal login account?

Before you start exploring the Internet to find a solution for the error, make sure to check whether there is some internal issue or not. Check the PayPal login Twitter account or go to DownDetector to check out if other users are facing the same issue or not.

Here are some possible reasons that may trigger this error out of nowhere?

Check if there is a location problem. Many people use VPN or any other tool to protect their IP address from cyber theft. If you too are using any of such tools, immediately disable them and try to sign in to your PayPal login account again. Please note that if you are trying to access your PayPal login account from other countries that you have not registered, you will not be able to access it. The good news is that this is just a temporary security glitch that will just disappear after a few hours. You will be able to access your PayPal login account but make sure to log in to your account from a secure location.       

Check your keyboard settings

If many people are using your computer, maybe one of them has changed the keyboard settings. If this is true and you are not aware of it, then you are not really typing in what you think you are typing. Check if your keyboard setting is in order the way you have arranged it.

Clear the cache

This is the real culprit behind many technical issues. Make sure to clear all your cache memory, temporary files, extensions, this might interfere with your PayPal login account. This may block you from accessing your PayPal login account. Delete everything that is trash, reset your web browser, and then, try to log in.

Make sure your PayPal login account is up to date

If you are using the PayPal app on your mobile device, check if a new updated version is available for download. If yes, then hit the download button and install the update.

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