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How To Write Blogs That Rank on Google?

How To Write Blogs That Rank on Google?

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How To Write Blogs That Rank on Google?

The sole goal of writing the optimized blog post is to keep the readers engaged with the content written in the blog post. The more they are engaged, the more likely it is of them to share the blog and thereby increase the ranking. This is a cliché. Having said that, writing an optimized blog post is a skill that is hard to achieve but worth the effort. This is what the content writers of Best SEO Company in India do.

They work constantly in optimizing the content that they build for effective SEO. From being framed to being posted there is a lot that these blog posts have to be worked on. Here are some of the effective tips to optimize the blog post.

Title That Is Appealing and Catchy

The first glance of the blog posts that people get is of the title. Optimizing it by making it catchy, appealing, relevant and compelling is the goal. Let the title inform the readers what exactly they are looking for. It states the content loud and clear. This would get the reader to click and read the blogs.

Frame The Blog Keeping the Target Audience in Minds

With the title stating what is the content of the blog, make sure it justifies the blog too. Knowing the target audience provides you with a deeper insight into what they like to read. Leveraging this in the right direction when framing the content makes the blogs achieve the desired rank.

Stay Away from Keyword Stuffing

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Google algorithm states the information regarding the norm, the more optimized use of the keyword in the natural flow of the blog can rank the blog rather than just making the blog forcibly noticed by google by overuse of the keywords. The latest update of google has highly discouraged the use of excessive keywords.

Framing Paragraphs and Using Heading Wisely

Small paragraphs and the use of heading tags wisely are some of the most effective ways to optimize the blog post. Keeping the sentences shorter along with the paragraph would be a cherry on the top.

Smaller paragraphs keep the reader motivated to read the blog further on the contrary to big paragraphs that make the readers leave the blog even if the content of the blog was worth the read. Headings would provide a clear structure to the blog as well as are effective for SEO.

Work On Your Meta Descriptions

Apart from the title, people get a glance at the meta description to find exactly what they are looking for. The meta description is also the reason people land on the blog that you have framed. Optimizing the meta description by giving a clear idea about the blog content makes it easy for the readers to spot and click on the blog.

Bottom Line

Do not forget to check Grammarly and also allow someone from the team to read and provide constructive criticism. This would not just improve your skills but also will have a good impact on the blog post you write.

Source: How To Optimize Your SEO Friendly Blog Posts?