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Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

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I'm going to do right now is i'm actually going to take the gummies and then i'm going to go to the gym so actually before i head to the gym as well i'm gonna be applying this so this is like a cool gel rub it's basically you just rub it on your body and then it gives you like a hemp cream cool effect um that helps like basically deal with like any parts of your body that you might have like inflammation and recently my thumb while i was boxing i took the gloves off and i hit the bag and my thumb went back right so like my thumb has been in recovery mode for like the last like three or four days and what i've been doing is i've been using the rub on my hand now um you can apply this as well like on other parts of your body like i like to apply it to my lower back my neck area which i'm actually gonna do right now .

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So you guys are a little crooked here and it just helps relieve pressure and pain from those areas um for a lot of my athletes you know what i'm saying this is probably more of like a go-to if you don't want to like orally consume anything this is just another one of those products and doesn't get you lit so for like any you know adult members or family members you have in your household that might want to like use the medical benefit and not get lit i feel like something like this is kind of the way to go now this is a cooling one so it does get cold after it sits down.

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But i'm gonna let this sit in my skin for like the next 20-30 minutes i'm gonna take one of these gummies and then i'm gonna head up to the gym and i'm gonna tell you guys how i feel and with the gummies guys it's pretty similar to the full spectrum um cbd oil the only difference is that rather than oil you get it in gummy format [Music] so we're basically gonna get the workout in right now um i already feel the cooling gel kicking in so my finger feels a little bit more mobile and i slimming gel feel like i can actually do a little bit of lifting right now so let's get it i'm honestly like super used to rolling up before i work out but i do feel like it was a different kind of workout today like i feel like i had more energy throughout my workout but at the same time like i feel very calm right now i feel very tired and uh yeah i'm usually used to getting wet after i work out too like come on i was just closing i just want to go to sleep but we're taking it out man 24 hours nothing but cbd let's keep the day rocking oh i just put up with my boy right now and this.