How to find surrogate mother in India

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surrogate mother in India:The decision of surrogacy is complex and expensive. It is because the intended parents of the unborn child have to wait for at least 9 to 12 months to have their child in their arms. It includes a lot of processes,

surrogate mother in India:The decision of surrogacy is complex and expensive. It is because the intended parents of the unborn child have to wait for at least 9 to 12 months to have their child in their arms. It includes a lot of processes, time, techniques, money, etc. The decision is expensive because the unborn child of the intended parents will grow in the womb of another woman. They compensate her with an amount of money or charges of surrogacy. Finding a surrogate mother in India for your unborn is not an easy task. If you select a surrogate through an agency, then it will be easy. This article will help you to find a suitable surrogate through an agency or without in India. Through surrogacy, Indian surrogate mothers helped the couples by giving birth to their children.

How to find surrogate mother in India?

The biggest question of surrogacy is how to find a surrogate mother in India? If you are planning for surrogacy in India, then there are many agencies available to help you. OR you can find her yourself as well.

A surrogate mother in India through agencies

In India, many surrogacy clinics provide the facility of a surrogate mother through connecting with agencies. How an agency find:

  • do not need to find a surrogate on own
  • The agencies provide suitable surrogates for intended parents after examine their physical appearance, biological standards, and medical terms.
  • They counsel the surrogate about her health, condition of the family, etc.
  • The counselor examines her productive standards, the function of reproductive organs, etc.


Criteria for surrogate mother:

  1. The age of surrogate women should be between 21 to 35 years.
  2. She at least having one own healthy baby.
  3. She should not be involved in any kind of addiction like drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.
  4. Her husband should be aware and agreed with the decision of surrogacy.


A surrogate mother in India without any agency

Finding a surrogate in India without any help from an agency can be a difficult task. How to find:

  • You can first find in your nearby as in your family, close friends, relatives, etc. If they are ready to help you
  • Finding outside is not easy. It will be better to put the information of your desired surrogate on social networking.
  • By finding on your own can save your money. 
  • Examination of surrogates is necessary before selecting. It will help to know about the lifestyle, health status, family background, etc.

The surrogacy related laws in India

 In 2015, new regulations bills were pass, by the Indian government that legalized surrogacy very much. The rules are:

  • Commercial surrogacy is illegal. The intended parents from foreign countries are ban, from surrogacy in India.
  • Surrogacy is only legal for Indian parents.
  • Indians with infertility problems can opt for surrogacy by providing a confirmation certificate of sterility by a certified doctor.
  • The intended parents should be married to each other at least for five years.
  • A single parent is not allowed to opt for surrogacy in India.
  • Homo-sexual and live-in couples are also not allowed.

Procedure of surrogacy

In India, many clinics offer surrogacy to couples that are failing in many infertility treatments. How do the surrogacies perform? Starting from the selecting suitable surrogate to the delivery of baby:

  • Screening

To select the perfect match of intended parent doctors and experts examine the surrogate and parents also

  • Legal formalities

Before selecting any process, the couples have to submit a legal document authorized by the Indian government. To avail the security and responsibilities of an unborn child before and after birth

  • Selecting methods

In surrogacy, there are two methods: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

  • In Traditional surrogacy no need for the IVF process. The fertilization takes place with the help of the IUI process using the sperm of the father or the needed donor sperm. In this method of surrogacy, the surrogate mother shares the genetic relation with the child.
  • In Gestational surrogacy, with the help of IVF, fertilization is performed by collecting the mother's egg and sperm of the father. The formation of the embryo and implantation in the uterus of the surrogate mother. In this method, the surrogate mother does not share any relation with the child.
  • Screening of the surrogate womb

The screening helps the parent and doctor update the child in the womb of a surrogate. The screening helps them to ensure the growth and body movement of the child.

  • Delivery of baby

Delivery depends on the health of a surrogate mother. After confirmation of pregnancy, the health of the surrogate mother is necessary for the standard delivery. She has to maintain weight (BMI), then doctors will advise C-type delivery.


Cost of surrogacy in Indian Surrogate Mother

The cost of gestational surrogacy in India is around 12 00,000 INR to 15 00,000 INR. The cost of surrogacy in India depends on various aspects. Like, the condition of the patient, finding a suitable surrogate, the city selected for surrogacy in the metro city, cost of surrogacy will be higher than in non-metro cities. In non-metro cities, the cost of surrogacy will be approximately 10 00,000 INR to 12 00,000 INR. As The donor eggs and sperm, friend or family member as a surrogate cause less the cost.


Finding a surrogate can be easy.

In India, many health care services are helping patients to cure their infertility. They are providing help by finding the perfect match for a surrogate. The centres are: Indian surrogate mother, WE CARE health services, Select IVF, etc.


Surrogacy is helping many patients to become parents. The mentioned agencies are the best source for availing surrogates. The cost of surrogacy is also less than in other countries. The success rates are also higher than any other treatment. The laws of surrogacy in India are so helpful for the safety of new ones and surrogates also. Sometimes, finding a surrogate mother can be an easy task with the help of agencies.