Microsoft and EY announces collaboration expansion

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This expansion will drive technology innovation and a US$15b growth opportunity.


EY and Microsoft Corp. will expand their strategic relationship, announced companies. It will align EY business ingenuity with the cloud technologies of Microsoft, so they can make a long-term value. Over the next five years, companies will have an incremental US$15b growth opportunity with respective their clients. 

This increased collaboration aims to focus on new solutions and platform releases, so using their digital transformation, organizations can easily address societal challenges and business difficulties at scale.

This will also focus on their clients to reinvent back-office operations and enhance in major and important fields such as government, health, financial services, energy, and manufacturing.    

Further, EY teams will also increase the EY Microsoft Services Group operation to offer deeper access to up to 40,000 experienced EY technology consulting experts to satisfy evolving needs. To Train more than 150,000 EY Microsoft technologies’ professionals and engineering talent, Microsoft will work with EY teams to speed up the development of the key solution over the next 5 years. 

Additionally, the collaboration will build some managed services that will help in customer transformation, developing enterprise-scale, enhancing a first-of-its-kind, unlocking value, and devotement to trusted data fabric.        

According to EY Global Managing Partner, Andy Baldwin, the EY and Microsoft relationship’s power is deepening as they globally help individuals and support clients to work more using their data in different locations that technology makes underserved previously like tax and finance.       

Andy added explained that they are creating on their collective achievement in numerous domains to assist governments and businesses save money, realize long-term value, monetize data, and build agility and they will use Azure, Power Platform capabilities with the relationship’s expansion to modernize back-office operations, accelerate transformations and leverage the cloud with latest Microsoft-enabled platforms and solutions.       

Both Microsoft Power Platform and Azure leverage the combination with the EY teams that help organizations digitally change their businesses without making their own infrastructure investments.  

With the Microsoft Power Platform’s largest enterprise deployments across the globe, EY professionals have the capability to help accelerate innovation with clients. 

To orchestrate a cloud for business, EY and Microsoft teams are helping clients.  

Microsoft and EY are collaboratively developing the EY Trusted Data Fabric Being part of this approach. It’s nothing but a first-of-its-kind enterprise data offering to automate the data adoption and processing and additionally offer data access with advanced AI-controlled data management capabilities.         

Microsoft’s Power Platform and EY Trusted Data Fabric combination will allow both teams to add abilities to access the most advanced technologies.


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