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What is Meant by Policy

What is Meant by Policy

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A policy is a system that is usually set and adopted in various sectors either by a government or in an organization.

A policy is a system that is usually set and adopted in various sectors either by a government or in an organization. The aim of establishing policies is to enhance the smooth running of events and achieve coherent results for all the stakeholders involved. This article discusses the three key points of the Affordable Healthcare Act which I wrote with academic writing blog help.

One of the key points of the mentioned healthcare act is to provide affordable and quality services to Americans. Before the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, quality health services were provided only to the wealthy. They were too expensive for the small business owners and the underprivileged. The act has made it possible to get immunization services at no cost. Furthermore, uninsured Americans now have access to affordable and quality services.

Another crucial point stated in the act is ensuring transparency and program integrity. The law is aimed at informing the American citizens about healthcare. The information will be accessible through the creation of websites that keep Americans updated. Furthermore, exchange of data between the patients and the doctors will help in coming up with sound decisions that will benefit everyone. As a result, cases of fraud and abuse of the citizens will reduce significantly.

The third key point of the Act is the effort to prevent chronic diseases to all Americans and improve their general health. The American government aims at achieving this through sufficient funding of the healthcare system. Besides, it will make information on healthy nutrition readily available to its citizen so as to reduce health care costs. This point is essential as it will ensure that Americans live healthy lives instead of facing financial burden when the illnesses become unmanageable.

In conclusion, the Healthcare Act that was signed by the American President Barack Obama will be of a huge benefit to the nation. It will guarantee patients safety and equal dissemination of health care services to all Americans. It will also aid in the resolution of disputes among insurance companies, doctors, and patients hence creating healthy relationships.