I want to learn Selenium

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Selenium has a large and active user community that offers comprehensive support. This makes the tool highly resourceful and cost-effective. Irrespective of numerous tools on the market, Selenium was still considered the first choice for many testing projects.

Selenium is used for automation testing, With selenium, there's no got to write testing scripts, the software comes with easy navigation tools which will write test cases without the necessity for any script. Selenium also can provide a domain-specific language to write down test cases in any of the favored programming languages like C#, Java, Scala, Ruby, etc

Selenium may be a new generation automation testing tool to automate web-based application/Mobile applications. It is also the core technology in countless other browser automation tools, APIs, and frameworks. In the current competitive world, manual testing is getting obsolete, due to the time to plug hence companies trying to find technical professionals who can handle Automation efficiently which ends in cost reduction.

It’s an open-source tool, evolving day by day with the assistance of automation experts. Hence tool features a bright future at the end of the day.

Here are few popular job roles you'll believe as a Selenium Training in Pune WebDriver professional. Although salary varies by company, but Selenium Test Engineers are in great demand because it gives the industry a far better exposure. Each Selenium automation tester features a great opportunity during their career to spice up their growth