A pat on the back along with a cape you probably will never wear

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A pat on the back along with a cape you probably will never wear

Exactly. Doing pawnbrokers is RS gold 40-50% faster compared to mobile workbench and that's without using proteans. Surely, but also more expensive. RS3 is only giving different types of players with different levels, in match riches tastes etc their decisions about how best to progress. And in osrs the material needs to be actually interesting, because if it consistently doesn't hit the 75% threshold for votes, then the work is moot.

But remember that it can not be a new best way to train the ability, otherwise it has to get nerfed as it's more XP/h than the current best way, and those who already maxed shout and whine about the grind they moved through being invalidated.This is literally the only reason I would not say OSRS is definitely the better game. It's pretty much the better version, for sport integrity and whatnot. But the fact there isn't any upgrades that ever get additional that accelerate XP speeds without being exceptionally click-intensive/grindy af, it is not something I'd ever be in a position to recommend to a buddy who never participant RS back in 07.

In RS3, but at least in RS3 you can afford to become an adult. You get a child/full period job/etc. And can just spend two hours a day, maximum, playing matches? With OSRS you are likely to spend weeks getting to foundation 50s, let alone greater. RS3 will let you reach the intriguing game content without having to wait months.

How long are you able to put in every day? Especially if you are not doing the most effective methods (possibly because you don't understand them, or because you can't do click-intensive methods like 3-tick teaks)

Runescape is still a grindy of game

I never understood that this easyscape mentality. Oh... Skilling is not fun, click intensive abilities are even less so, since the rewards are simply not there. This achievement hunting mentality should just stop. You reach a 99? Friends and family will congratz youpersonally, but you will proceed about it in a day or two and quite possibly never benefit from it.

A pat on the back along with a buy rs gold paypal cape you probably will never wear, because the benefits kick before that. Worst part isthat ancient or middle level rewards rarely matter since you proceed past them quickly enough.