Theres not much actual difficulty in osrs

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Theres not much actual difficulty in osrs

Theres not much actual difficulty in osrs. Prayer can be OSRS gold clicked and utilize by Everybody, and the majority of content boils down to being what level your stats are and a equipment check. I think that raids and inferno are great additions to osrs that surely improved the skill ceiling for RuneScape as well as the nightmare supervisor that all add some mechanical difficulty. But RuneScapes restricted by its engine and core game mechanics. Its a type of difficulty that relies mostly on being stats and a gear check.

I mean everyone can tap on block and attack for Sekiro. There not a lot mechanical difficulty in hitting block/attack/walk either.Pressing the buttons to do them isn't hard at all. If you fight to press R1 idk what to tell you. The challenging part is when to press on the buttons. Of pressing them, Perhaps not the action. Much like RuneScape. Clicking tiles is not hard. Dodging an attack clicking tiles when changing prayer and switching gear is. Clicking attack/block in Sekiro isn't hard. Trying to attack while predicting their attack, positioning your personality, and timing the correct windows is what is hard.

I'd say that the Inferno is the job in RuneScape that requires a huge amount of actual ability and game knowledge. A tiers below which are some of the high end PvM directors and Raids. Then you just get lower and lower to the point where it is an instance of click this a million times to become the maximum rank. If we are talking high and inferno degree pvm for example raids. Difficult because the Inferno is ridiculous, to say. It takes about 2 hours of clicking and timing.I can't speak for ToB since I haven't done it due to melee stats not quite there yet. But I've done CoX, Corrupted Gauntletup to wave 68 of inferno.

Inferno is really mad but MOST of it is not that hard. In my experience you largely die to not quickly locating the right tick to prayer switch on waves using blobs inside them, or waves 50+ where you will need to rapidly find safespots with two significant hitting attack styles on you. However it requires knowledge of how safespots a good deal and operate of RuneScape player flicking, leagues ahead of anything else required in RuneScape. Corrupted Gauntlet is probably next in trouble. Most of it is not difficult, but you need to be very cognizant of how RuneScape participant motion works in order to correctly walk round the dangerous tiles while dodging tornados rather than walking beneath the hunleff.

The prep is not difficult, it only had some RNG to drive you into deciding between inconsistent secure prep or more consistent prep that makes the last fight marginally harder. Either way should you die it's usually not because of prep errors but instead to pathing wrong and getting piled out from the floor/tornados. Chambers isn't really hard at all. There are a whole lot of rooms to learn, but most of them amount to"equip the right equipment, attack the thing." The single"difficult' part is olm, but he had quite predictable attack patterns that buy RS gold are not automatically hard to navigate, there is only a great deal of information you want to know and keep in mind. Solo chambers is far more difficult than gauntlet, but it is team material and in a group it's unbelievably easy.