Introduction To Tilt And Turn Windows

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tilt and turn windows are good solutions.

tilt and turn windows are good solutions.

Resist forced entry-as we all know, hanging windows are easy to break in. In fact, our technical manager has worked in the certification laboratory for several years, tested various types of doors and windows, and claimed that he could break into most hanging windows on the market within one minute. For our tilting and rotating windows, this is impossible. Without damaging the glass, they are almost impenetrable and have the highest mandatory resistance rating on the market. This is because we use a multi-point lockable gear device hidden between the window frame and the frame, instead of the fragile knobs and levers that are usually seen and used on suspended windows. Our multi-point gear unit consists of a series of mushroom pins that will move in unison and slide into its holder when the handle is manipulated to the closed and locked position, making forced entry almost impossible.

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