Not its the resource drops from bossing and that

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Not its the resource drops from bossing and that

If our Zeah is already your Menophos, what would you say when Menophos gets brought in? How is ToB anything such as Dungeoneering? Each of the Kourend quests, as well as Wintertodt are all new. Fossil island? And you also have 24 devs to RS gold our 8, so yes, it needs to be anticipated you've got new content. But to say everything we have is torn out of RS3 is just ignorant of the game itself.

To be fair the new OSRS method doesn't look interesting to me whatsoever (it is like the gnome food deliveries), but I still like that portables allow you to talk with others.

The OSRS Mining Experience

You forgot to add the guy logging in under you and telling you how to hop. Runecrafting gets some shit but mining is the most strangest skill in this game. I could stand the garbage exp rates when it was somewhat less click intensive. Just make stones behave like trees and also have a chance of depleting. I don't understand why WC provides a superior xp/log than mining and it's so much less stay intensive. You also make waaaay less gp about the way to 99 if you compare it to mlm. Yeah but I can not get angry at RS for the nation of resource prices except in the context of robots destroying ore prices. Not actually a skilling complaint per se.

Not its the resource drops from bossing and that. I'm not high enough level to boss so I don't know a lot about how many resources enter the game through drops. I think its a lot more than enters the match through bots, which apparently was kind of intentional (that jagex apparently dropped the costs of resources this way intentionally to eliminate skilling bots). It sounds bosses frequently drop thousands or hundreds of skilling items which would take many hours to get thru skilling.

That means you won't find wealthy. So in comparison to almost 1B for 300 hours at Vorkath. Would alch myself after 3 hours Vork tho, but simply to buy osrs gold paypal put it into perspective. Is that since iron is only level 15?