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TBC Macro Guide

TBC Macro Guide

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TBC Warrior DPS best Macro Guide – Burning Crusade Classic

Welcome to Wowhead's Warrior DPS TBC Macro Guide. This guide has been revised for Phase 2 of Burning Crusade Classic. This guide will provide everything you need to know about macros to use with your Warrior. We'll teach you how to make your own. This page contains the most effective Warrior macros.

The Warrior guides are constantly updated with the most current information from in-game experience, theorycrafting, and logs; make sure you check our changes to this page, by clicking View Changelog on the top of the page. If you're interested in deeper Warrior guidebooks for Phase 2 Make sure to browse through the Navigation Bar below, and our guide of Guide Navigation just beneath the Table of Contents.

Macros for Warrior DPS Burning Crusade

Auto-Attack Macro


/cast Bloodthirst


The macro will appear in your action bar. It will show the level of Bloodthirst you're using. Additionally, it will attempt to schedule the autoattack you are currently using against your goal. This macro is extremely useful because you can duplicate it to enhance your offensive power and ensure that your target is attacked constantly.

Shield Swap Macro

or equip The Plague Bearer

The /equipslot 17 Maexxna's Fur

This macro can be used to switch your shield for another item you wish to have on your spare hand (slot 17) and will swap your shield back on. Simply copy the macro, and replace the names in the macro with the items you want to equip.

Two-hand Swap and One-hand Shield Macro

• Equip Malistar's Defender

/equip The Castigator

Equipment Dark Edge of Insanity

This macro is primarily used in PVP however it can switch between your weapon with two hands (or your one-hand or shield) and your two-hand weapon (or both). Again, if you copy this macro, you can simply alter the names of the items within the macro to match the ones you're using.

While this is not a complete list of every possible or useful macro that is available, we will show you some of the best macros that can help you get you started. Take a look at the various sections below based on your spec to find some useful macros to help you improve your game play.

2. TBC Classic Warrior Macro Templates

2.1. Start Attack Macro



Cast Shield Slam

This is a typical "start attack" macro. It is recommended to duplicate this with as many of your abilities as possible, such as the Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst and Mort IconMortal Strike. Your character will immediately begin attacking regardless of whether you do not have the Rage to utilize any ability yet.

2.2. Weapon Swapping Macro



16. Latro's Shifting Sword

/equipslot 17 Aldori Legacy Defender

This is a great tool for quick swapping between weapons. Put the name of whatever weapon you choose after #showtooltip to see that on your bars. The stopcasting portion is necessary so that you can switch to your desired weapons instantly even if you have a Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike or Cleave IconCleave waiting to be played. The Main Hand weapon slot is /equipslot 16, and your Off-Hand weapon slot is /equipslot17. Change the names of your weapons to whatever you have at the moment.

2.3. 2.3.


/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] Pummel

This macro is a way to make specific spells available to be fired at your intended target. This is particularly useful in PvP, for things like stuns and interrupts, but has uses in PvE too. Replace "Pummel" by other spells, such as Intercept IconIntercept.

2.4 Throw and Shoot Macro


Use Shoot


This macro allows you to combine Shoot and Throw in one button. This macro is useful when you frequently switch between different ranged weapons.

2.5. Mouseover Macro


/cast [target=mouseover,exists,nodead] Intervene; [help] Intervene; Intervene

Here we have a simple mouseover macro that allows us to intervene IconIntervene either to our mouseover target, our target of target, or to our goal in this order. Mouse-over macros can be used for a myriad of purposes just by using the [target=mouseover] portion together with any other capabilities you wish to have.

2.6 Spell Reflection Macro

#showtooltip Reflection


Equipmentslot 16 Latro's Shifting Sword

/equipslot 17 Aldori Legacy Defender

/cast Spell Reflection

This macro will activate an unarmed weapon and shield of your choice on the first press, and on the second, you'll use Spell Reflection IconSpell Reflection if you are engaged in Battle Stance IconBattle Stance or Defensive Stance IconDefensive Stance. Although it is possible to add the option to switch stances inside the macro, it's not recommended since it could not be the correct posture for the present.

3. TBC Classic Warrior Addons

Macros are crucial to the successful play of your Warriors. But, add-ons can be just as important. To find some fantastic Warrior addons, please see our Addon Guide section.