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The Three Strongest Poison Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Three Strongest Poison Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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There are a large number of strong Pokemon for players to choose from in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including Fire-type, Water-types, Grass-types, and Poison-types, and so on. Earlier, PKMBuy introduced the strongest Pokemon in the Fire-type and the Water-types, so today PKMBuy will talk about who is the strongest Pokemon in the Poison-types. Who wants to Buy Pokemon can choose us. they are respectively:

1. Toxapex
Toxapex is a creature that can destroy an entire team with a poison strategy. Among the abilities they possess, one of them is named Merciless. As the name suggests, it can cause a fatal blow to a poisoned enemy. Although they don't have good Attack or Special Attack stats at 63 and 53, respectively, high base damage moves from Water or Poison-types can cause good damage.

2. Gengar
Gengar can learn some new moves that are only available via the Move Tutor in Pokemon Sword and Shield's expansion. One of them is a Poison-type move, Corrosive Gas. Gengar can damage opponents' items to an unusable level, but they are still held by the enemy. However, the item is still unavailable for the rest of the battle, regardless of whether the Pokemon is switched.

3. Naganadel
Naganadel is a double type of Poison and Dragon, but also a dangerous special scavenger. It has 127 base Special Attack and 121 base Speed. Their Beast Boost ability makes their dominance more assured, because every time they knock down an enemy, it will increase Naganadel's highest stat by one stage. This allows them to continue on a rampage and become more deadly in front of every fallen enemy.

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