Vulnerable Population

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Nowadays a significant number of people takes much care about their health willing to prevent the development of serious diseases.

However, some individuals are at risk of having certain illnesses or facing other threats to health. At the same time, there is vulnerable population being exposed to the possibility of development of diseases due to their low ability to confront factors detrimental to their health. Groups at risk and vulnerable population are both threatened by the high possibility of negative processes associated with their health and should be protected by compulsory medical examinations and other forms for early diagnosis.

Groups at risk and vulnerable population are different in terms of the possibility to have certain diseases. On the one hand, various groups at risk are the segments of population which are more likely to have problems with health due to sharing some common characteristic negative for their physical conditions (Mason, Leavitt , Chaffee, 2013). For instance, people with excess weight are likely to have heart problems, so they form the group at risk of having heart-related diseases. On the other hand, vulnerable population represents a segment of population that experiences several risk factors all of which put these people in the position favorable for the development of various illnesses which can have serious negative outcomes for their heath (Shi Singh, 2014). In this case, individuals with low income who cannot afford treatment of high quality can be attributed as vulnerable population.

Members of these groups either cannot see the problems threatening their health, or cannot overrule them due to the low material status. On the one hand, people who are overweight can be unaware that the excess weight can cause heart problems (Brownson, Baker, Deshpande, Gillespie, 2017). On the other hand, representatives of vulnerable population often have no money to go to the doctor even when the first symptoms of the illness are already observed. In order to protect them, one should introduce compulsory medical examinations for groups at risk as well as free medical checkups for vulnerable populations.

In conclusion, groups at risk are segments of the population sharing similar factors negative for their heath. In its turn, vulnerable population is exposed to risks associated with poor health due to the general issues such as material status and other aspects. In order to advocate for the interests of individuals belonging to such groups, one should introduce for them compulsory medical checkups.



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