Walking Cane

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DYNAMO Prime Stick – Which is an urban walking cane in the USA. If anyone walking with confidence and taking anyone help this product will be suitable for him to go anywhere. The most common features are Comfortable, Stable and Versatile. Without facing any rattle it’s used in any weat

To make this struggling it Susan that straightener up a little bit of sandpaper and you've got yourself a stick so well I'll cut that down you don't really know what you've got till it's actually landed and you've got the honeysucker off at Burke from oh yeah it looks Dynamo Walking Cane as if it could be quite a good stick so I'll go in now and try and take it off and I'm looking more closely on the lake so again I'm looking for something right before you put your name so nothing laughter the day yeah twisting try not to view too much damage to the honeysuckle the sauce that your future your think it hoping it doesn't damage it too much they'll go up again and strangle something else so we just get this cleaned off and see we're starting to get a bit of a twist that's not a terrific twist but I say you never know what we've got to do actually drop in the pan and trimmed up but that is roughly what we're looking for is this hunting sample twist si it's not a brilliant one but it's a good thumb stick.


So that's another idea of tool okay it just destroyed Shane's move any more hopefully find about All Survival skills Related Watched all right welcome back everybody just finished off the latest walking stick a little game of Thrones-inspired because of the opening of this week so I figured I do the dragon walking stick as you can see in his made of poplar a nice hardwood did a few extra details a couple of curves in there really wanted to to do something special a little bit bigger than most but compiled a little wanna sort of step-by-step process along the way as I was making it hopefully you guys enjoyed if you do enjoy this and some of my others please hit the button and I'll keep Bigfoot Cane them coming hope you enjoy it as much as I have as much fun making eggs you know we have the walking stick all glued up as you see this here we have two 1 by 2's 6 feet long glued up as the main centre shaft of the walking stick.


Then we have 2 1 well it's actually 1 1 by 4 glued and together double stacked on each side that's the sketch that I had made up the main centre part here inch and a half for the 1 by 2's all the way up I just simply transferred it over some carbon paper so you see the layout left myself a little bit of room it's gonna be a lot of material to remove mm-hmm which is a good thing because this weighs quite a bit actually at the moment it's made out of one by twos and one by fours poplar shouldn't have a nice green nice finish when it's all done I'm gonna be cutting it out with jigsaw I'm gonna try and first take out these corners here with perhaps a Forstner bit be able to get the jigsaw in there and make a nice curve a little concerned about the drift of the blade with the jigsaw if you have a bandsaw it will work a lot better but I'll start cutting it out I figure this is going to take me many hours to cut through getting it a lease at a stage.