Walking Cane

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DYNAMO Prime Stick – Which is an urban walking cane in the USA. If anyone walks with confidence and takes anyone's help this product will be suitable for him to go anywhere. The most common features are Comfortable, Stable, and Versatile. Without facing any rattle it’s used in an

I don't like that anyway I'm going to take it in the kitchen get the vacuum on the go and just generally away stick it on the walking stick and hopefully she will like it the problem with the bottom of the walking stick is if I put a metal cap on it and the Dynamo Walking Cane is on terrazzo flooring or tiles so much she's gonna slip so I'm gonna put a rubber stopper on the bottom they're not very attractive they look a bit crap actually and all the work that you put into someone like this kind of lets it down but I'd rather her be safe and not end up sleeping over so yeah it's gonna have an ugly little rubber stopper on the bottom of it it's going this sub-projects wants the oil that you wish you hadn't started this is one of them it turned out okay it's okay and that's it I'm not entirely happy with it this is not quite barley twist I got to this point for yeah I like that I'm just gonna keep like that looks nice still got to put the rubber on the bottom but I'm gonna go buy one cuz the one I've got he's just too big for you.


So I'm not even in the news that I'm just gonna whack it on there yeah yeah but still works and that's all the cans thanks for  I'm gonna think about the next project now and try to forget this one hey guys what's up welcome to the bearded woodworker today I'm going to make a came for my mother this is a no lathe cane and here are some things that I have in the shop now I've had these I don't know where they came from they were in a closet and they're meant for chairs but you're gonna need a rubber stopper for the bottom of your King and for the Walking Stick bulk of the cane I'm going to use it's a push stick for like a broom you buy them pre-made they're strong it has a tip the only problem is there's a lot of play.


So I don't know if I want to just fill that up with epoxy and stick it in place or if I'm going to make a thicker portion to go in there and then put it on to this cane or not I'll have a thicker closet dowel which is too big but maybe I can sand this down and form it into the cane I also went down to a wood turning place in Newport and I was able to pick up this piece of Purple Heart wood it's heavy it's hard I have never used this wood I'm not really sure how I'm gonna fare with it but my mom's favorite color is purple and I'm hoping to make the handle out of this it's what do they call it it's seven-eighths of an inch I can't think of of the name that he called it but anyways it's the perfect width for this handle or for the Canes shaft itself so I'm gonna make the handle and I'm gonna glue it in here probably with a dowel or something so anyways I got this for about twenty dollars and it's almost 24 inches so I've got plenty.