We all have loved RuneScape within the years

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We all have loved RuneScape within the years

Clearly, we wish nothing but the best for Jagex along with the continued well-being of RuneScape, but the Sal's community has asked itselfcan we support this latest transfer by Jagex to execute micro-transactions, a move they themselves only a few decades ago could have deemed unethical? The answer is no. Even as expensive as it would be for you to OSRS gold purchase enough spins to progress an ability to level 99, it still remains that the possibility exists for a Jagex-sponsored RWT extravaganza. It has since then grown into a community filled with different people from different walks of life. We're proud to maintain a Platinum-level fansite rating, because it displays our commitment to this game, the high standards set by Jagex, along with the player-community. However, because we have such love for this particular game, we must ask that Jagex reconsider their decision, and recall that the spirit of this game is what brings people into it.

It's highly disappointing, upon login, to see Jagex pushing the Squeal Wheel so aggressively, as well as so prominently displaying the choice to pay real money money to buy more twists. That is such a far cry from the original stances allegedly held by this company that it is nauseating. Jagex's disregard for participant safety by making it really easy to buy spins with saved credit card info opens less-aware players as much as hardship if their accounts password has been stolen. Furthermore, Jagex's and their evident intent to benefit from the users--especially younger gamers --in what is essentially a type of gambling is deeply troubling to customers who recall a much more"players-first" RuneScape that has slowly been eroded as time has progressed.

These remarks could well finish in Sal's losing its Platinum-level rating. But we are servants to our community, and we feel confident knowing that those views are keeping with the true spirit of the game, which perhaps has been the driving force of the website for all its years. This is a choice of conscience. We cannot in good faith support this movement by Jagex.

While this may sound rude or harsh considering how much most of us have loved RuneScape over the years, it's only said from that exact same love and attention. We have invested so much of our time and effort into this game and its community we are deeply troubled that something as dishonest as this current update by Jagex would ever show up in this wonderful game. We promote Jagex, should they read this, to not be insulted, but hopefully awed by the simple fact that they have created a community with a ethical sense this strong and be inspired to work with the community to achieve a solution that pleases both parties. Thank you. What do think about it overall? I don't actually enjoy this combat upgrade, for several reasons. Enemies seem to take longer to kill, and you're often made to assault non-gd monsters so your adrenaline doesn't drop. Also it appears that the party now needs several combat styles, which will be debatable for getting groups together (Even now I spend more time trying to get dg teams collectively than I spend in the real floors; having the need for multiple combat styles will allow it to be so much worse). Armour seems to cheap RS gold be nearly a necessity today, because they've been nerfed and don't block everything.