Methods are ways to study the problems posed.

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Distinguish between general scientific and special (for a specific science) methods. Before writing this section of the introduction to thesis, you should decide on how the research will be conducted and look for a After completing the main part of the work, the methods can be adjusted. Y

  • Synthesis.

  • Analysis.

  • Induction.

  • Deduction.

  • Modeling.

  • Graphic method.

  • Vertical and horizontal analysis.

  • Balance method.

  • Classification.

  • Generalization.

  • Comparison.

The degree of study of the topic and review of sources

Writing a diploma assumes that the student relies on the work of predecessors, and does not come up with something from scratch. Some topics are widely covered in the literature, others are new, recently of interest to the scientific community. Sometimes a problem is traditionally viewed from a certain angle, while other aspects remain unreported. The task of the author of the diploma is to indicate in what aspect the problem has been studied in detail and described, what "white spots" remained, and in what areas the researchers did not come to a consensus. An actively discussed topic can be interesting, as well as a new one, to which undeservedly little attention was previously paid. When writing this part of the introduction, you should refer to specific authors, scientific schools and directions. Feel free to use services like in order to obtain good written thesis.

The degree of study echoes the review of the sources used - after all, in order to understand how much the topic has been studied, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the literature. Additionally, in the overview of sources, it is necessary to indicate if statistical data were used (by which organization they were prepared), company documentation, regulations.

Scientific novelty and practical significance

The sections of scientific novelty and practical significance answer the question of what benefit a thesis can bring to humanity. Before writing this part of the introduction to the diploma, you need to determine for yourself what your work can be useful for - for pure science or for practical activity, you can do it with help of service or by yourself, your choise.

In abstract, theoretical research, more emphasis should be placed on scientific novelty says experts from service (that you came up with something that no one knew before). In practice-oriented work, it is more important to demonstrate practical value.

As confirmation of the value of the work, links to patents, registered copyrights, acts of implementation, letters of gratitude from the enterprise - the bases of pre-diploma practice can be given. External confirmation always adorns the student's words about the significance of his work.

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