EVE Online Will Launch In China Shortly

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While killing one pirate in EVE Echoes Items might not have overarching consequences to the fantastic Empires of New Eden, the simple fact that in any time a new event could be stumbled upon accidentally, or a sheet of cargo could begin a rabbit hole that results in a new threat -- the fact that in any given instant something you socialize with may have impacts years down the line makes every interaction in EVE Online more purposeful.

Well, it seems like one player in EVE Online has nabbed around $60,000 worth of things.

Going by the title Sulley, this wasn't some easy work. According to PC Gamer, Sulley spent a complete month coordinating a"marauding marathon" that included the destruction of 32 player-owned channels. These channels were nested in Hisec.Many of those stations had several things of value, as is to be expected. This station was possessed by players known as Future Tech Industries. Apparently, that led the crew into a historical loot of 4 trillion ISK worth in things. This converts to roughly $60,000.

This type of raid was possible because of some recent changes made to EVE Online by developer CCP with respect to the mechanics of player-built distance channels. Hats off to Sulley and crew.In case you overlooked it, CCP announced two special in-game events kicking off on June 9, called Gathering Storm and Lightning Strikes. You can read up on the details of the events here.

"reduction is a Turning Point" at EVE Online claims CCP CEO

Based on CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson, catastrophic loss is a"turning point" for players in EVE Online.The quotation comes from GamesBeat Summit 2020 (through VentureBeat) which investigates the importance of loss to Buy EVE Mobile ISK. Loss is seen as a driving factor for your future behaviour in the sport.