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WoW Classic Master some changes in the three occupations of the season

WoW Classic Master some changes in the three occupations of the season

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First, due to the removal of world buffs and shorter stages resulting in less equipment, the Warriors' complete dominance will be hindered. As the best extensions, these will be important changes that should hurt the Warriors more than others. In addition, occupations dealing with mana issues in the past will also struggle to pass longer and more difficult boss battles.

With all these variables in mind, here is how we think the best DPS in the WoW Classic Masters season will change-remember that once the log data is finally available after release, this may change:

Rogues should be better at responding to changes in the mastery season than most other World of Warcraft classic DPS classes/specializations. First of all, the energy system allows thieves to deal with longer battles better than most other classes, and as an innate system, World Buffs will not spend thieves’ classic DPS levels like other top players. At the same time, Rogues will get off to a good start in the first phase because of the 0.5 level provided from the beginning. Although the additional melee mechanics will punish thieves, it should be much less harmful to other professions than mastering the changes in the season.

Warlocks are in a special position during the season of mastery. Warlock will be the main beneficiary of the removal of the World of Warcraft classic debuff cap because this is the only practical occupation that uses DOT effects to actually increase DPS. In addition, they will be least affected by the extension of the boss fight that can create their own mana on the spot. Coupled with Warlock's flexibility in handling various boss battles, your DPS career may be most affected by the overall season of mastery. With this, Warlock will rise from the third or fourth-best World of Warcraft classic DPS to a solid second place.

The Warriors is still an uncrowned king in my opinion. Due to the many effective weakenings of the season of mastery, the Warriors rank third on our list. For starters, the removal of World Buffs hits the Warriors the most. This profession has the best percentage of statistics and runs on the Rage system. It completely relies on causing more damage to unlock the ability to cause more damage. Buy TBC Classic Gold at MMOSO to protect your account security.

There is no world gain, shorter stages to limit equipment options, and more punitive melee mechanisms-the Warriors will see their DPS potential drop significantly in the World of Warcraft classic season. It remains to be seen whether this drop will bring them to 3rd place or further, but the additional rewards that deep wounds are no longer pushed by the debuff ceiling will not be enough to offset the removal of the Warrior World buff, and the damage (or lack thereof) will Display on the DPS meter to start. Although it is not recommended to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold directly, this method is a shortcut for players to break through difficulties.

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