Cryptocurrency Trouble with quantum computing

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Two cutting-edge technologies that promise to revolutionize entire fields may be on a collision course.


Two state-of-the-art technologies that promise to revolutionize the entire field may be on a collision course.Cryptocurrencies Has the potential to change finances eliminate middlemen and direct accounts to millions of unbanked people around the world.

Quantum computers could revolutionize the way drugs and materials are designed by bringing superpowers to the process.Here's the problem: The blockchain accounting technology that powers cryptocurrencies can be vulnerable to sophisticated

attacks and fraudulent transactions. If quantum computing grows faster than future crypto-currency efforts Cryptocurrencies It is secured by a technology known as public key cryptography. The system is everywhere. Protect your online purchases and hijack

your communication for anyone who is not the intended recipient. This technology works by combining public keys. which everyone can see with visible private keys only If current progress continues Quantum computers will be able to decrypt public key cryptography. This could pose a serious threat to the crypto world.