WOW TBC Classic: A guide to easily reach Blood Furnace

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WOW TBC Classic: A guide to easily reach Blood Furnace

In WOW TBC Classic, one of the first dungeons players can enter is Blood Furnace. However, for those players who are not familiar with the layout of Hellfire Citadel, the blood furnace may be a bit difficult to locate. If players want to successfully find the entrance to the dungeon, they can refer to the following guide, which can help you reach the dungeon easily.

Like all other dungeons in the Hellfire Peninsula, the Blood Furnace is located in the Hellfire Citadel, a large complex located in the middle of the area and one of its main content centers. Hellfire Citadel can be easily reached from Salma or Honor Hold, as there are several bridges that can take the WOW TBC Gold player to the city wall.

But the Blood Forge is different from other dungeons in Hellfire Citadel because it does not require the player to go to the bridge to reach the entrance. Instead, the player needs to board the wall through another entrance on the south side of the castle. The coordinates of this side door are (46,58). After reaching the southern city wall, the player needs to walk through it until they finally reach a small tower in the middle of the city wall.

From there, turn left and continue walking until the player finally crosses the stone bridge and reaches the entrance of the blood furnace. The exact coordinates of the entrance are (46,51). Prior to this, players should Buy TBC Gold in advance to prepare for the game. If players urgently need a large amount of WOW TBC Gold in a short time, it is a very wise choice to purchase TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS. Safe and legal, and delivered immediately.