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Providing in-car audio, window tinting, and vehicle accessories in America

Providing in-car audio, window tinting, and vehicle accessories in America

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Drive-In Autosound specializes in and has 50 years of experience in-car audio, window tint, Clear Bra, remote start, truck & jeep accessories & more! Located in Colorado Springs & Pueblo.

So if you have any dirt in this switch it's it's extremely unlikely because it's varied quite deep and these surfaces don't lend themselves to getting dirty just just don't because anything falls through particularly okay I don't think you can break them the compressed air or with some gentle cleaning though and so the springiness is inside the snap bottom because these still click or operate like they normally should so I'm gonna take this part apart and and let's see where dirt can accumulate most so it's probably in in this part that would keep the motor constant powered despite the switch being released but I think I've got this one yeah I just just barely held in place here dumb prying and nothing is Car Window Tint Colorado Springs that's good news because I really don't want to replace this whole thing for hundreds of dollars again possibly so this is how it looks like when they come apart now it's immediately obvious when I take this off that any dirt accumulating here falls out there and it's not really interfering with the switch take a look at where it pivots.

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And height pivots the pivot point is somewhere there either either which way so because it's all covered from debris above it's extremely likely that anything would get stuck on there and even if it does it should come back with simple cleaning like this so you don't have to take it apart like this at all do take apart the bottom part because this white arm operates the actual switch this is the actual switch here okay so take some compressed air and whatever is stuck inside you can see the plastic inside is why I know this is for the switch and that's for the power door but they are the same essentially the same Car Window Tint Pueblo okay they have a pivot point somewhere inside you can see the people point further down there it's not focused all the way down but you get the idea but there is not a whole lot to be gained by removing the button the pivot points can be cleaned from the underside here same story on this one so the pivot points are barely visible and are hard to get to and I really don't want to butcher the switch just for just for the story itself.

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To compress the air it is here and compressed air will also clean the open part of the switch you can see through it should take care of anything that is possibly stuck inside this is how the switch housing or box looks like after being cleaned with compressed air I want to point out right away that there's a blob of grease here that got blown out by the compressed air this is the grease that gets placed inside the switch the pivot point is lubricated at the factory where the switch is manufactured just the switch on the vehicle just a switch only and this grease is necessary for to lubricate the pivot point but this is this has squeezed out from that pivot point at the time of manufacture it's also possible to clean the switch itself with some compressed air.

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