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The company provides in-car audio, vehicle accessories, and window tinting

The company provides in-car audio, vehicle accessories, and window tinting

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Drive-In Autosound specializes in and has 50 years of experience in-car audio, window tint, Clear Bra, remote start, truck & jeep accessories & more! Located in Colorado Springs & Pueblo.

We've pre-drilled all our holes and we've pre-drilled the amplifier holes so that way our amp will sit in the exact same position now we'll just tighten up our board a dead friend would say that's but as you will set up the passenger side exactly the way we set up the driver's side we've got both of our mounting plates in so what we'll do now is tap the plastic to use these hex cap screws to hold in the amplifiers boy doing this because when we cut already weighed more than quite strange you now we will initially leave this fuse it's only a 60 amp but the likelihood is because you have such a small sub.

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We won't have to swap it out right now so one thing we've decided to do is we're going to swap out the subwoofer amp now this amplifier came with our original subwoofer package but we do intend on building a bigger box and we'd like to have some more power this amplifier puts out roughly about 125 Watts bridged whereas this amplifier will do at least 300 watts at 4 ohms and about 600 watts at 2 ohms the one thing we'll need to do is drill new holes for our mounting and avoid the holes for this original amplifier we'll be using these aluminum rivet nuts so what we'll need to do is will once we remove this plate we'll have to drill the hole below here and here just a little bit larger to accommodate the nut that we're gonna put in the plastic these sides are both hollow and then we'll drill this and then we'll insert our nuts I chose to use the Car Window Tint Colorado Springs ones only because they're a little bit softer and when installing them in into the ABS didn't want to have a big bulge on the back so when we tested it with a steel one you can see we got a little bit of a lip and it lifted a little bit the other thing is you kind of distorted the plastic.

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And created just a weird kind of shape in the back so since this is only holding down the amplifiers we decided to just use the aluminum should be able to maybe it'll be a little harder than I thought to feel it there's one there's two we'll use the drill to just twist the wire so all I'm trying to do here is just get the wires equal lengths so that they look nice once everything is mounted so we will want to probably net those to make them look the same now that one's a problem there's the fix for it though now that our cables are installed with the exception of the RCA s the one thing we want to do is we want to pull back just a little bit of this slack Car Window Tint Pueblo the seat so typically to get these seats out you do have to take the seat back out first and then undo this this bolt but what we'll do is we'll undo the bolt here and we should be able to pop the seat up throw that in the trash don't eat it anymore RC and they said this is the real reason because you wanted to know the factors tape off then we wanted to toss some heat-shrink.


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