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Organic and Other Product Variations Come to More Foods

Organic and Other Product Variations Come to More Foods

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People's expectations are increasing for many things, and groceries are no exception. It's why food companies of all kinds are stepping up with organic and other healthier versions of many products. No matter where you shop, from a conventional retailer to a specialty retailer like an Asian supermarket, you'll find more options. The trend to eat healthier is driving much of the expansion, but there are other factors. As more is understood about specific diseases, an increasing number of people want to eat organically grown items. Their availability continues to expand in both fresh and packaged foods.

Special dietary needs also are on the rise. Many people need to eat sugar-free, while others require lower sodium products and recipes. Gluten and dairy-free food products are also growing in popularity as an increasing number of people are lactose or gluten intolerant. Even for people without specific medical conditions making choices like substituting tofu for some dairy products makes sense for everyone. Plant-based proteins are often easier on the body and have nutritional benefits all their own. If you've been sticking to conventional versions of your favorite products, it can be interesting to try alternatives.

Ambitious home cooks make much from scratch, and it's another trend you can join. When you cook at home, you can control the ingredients and buy locally sourced products whenever they are available. Nearly everyone benefits from reducing the level of fat and cholesterol in their diets, and you don't need to sacrifice good eating to do it. You'll also find food processors using more whole ingredients in place of processed ones. For example, fruit juice can be added as a sweetener instead of refined sugar. There is little change in taste or texture with most of these alternatives, making them more popular.

The international grocery sector also has some unique products that are organic and help with special dietary needs. For example, one soy sauce replacement is made from aged coconut sap and sea salt.  It has as much as 75-percent less sodium than conventional soy sauce and is wheat-free for those with gluten intolerance. An increasing number of alternative grocery products are available from nearly every country and food tradition. It gives you many more new options and choices when shopping for food products in every category. If there's something you'd like but haven't found yet, try an online search.