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How WOW TBC Classic players get flying mounts

How WOW TBC Classic players get flying mounts

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How WOW TBC Classic players get flying mounts

In WOW TBC Classic, players can use ground mounts to reach most areas, especially in the first stage. However, players will need a flying mount to get some of the content at a later stage and the Arcatraz tuning task chain. Storm fortress dungeons also need to fly. Blizzard disables summoning in Netherstorm and Storm fortress.

Just like paladins and warlocks get level 40 mounts for spell costs, druids are the same as ordinary flying in TBC. However, they will gain flying form instead of flying mounts, which is a unique instant cast 60% flying form of the class. Druids will be able to learn epic flight patterns, but the 5000 grams cost of epic flight training will be included in the cost of the mission line.

In TBC Classic, some BOSS will Buy TBC Classic Gold drop flying mounts, but not many. A'lar's ashes are such a drop. Players must wait until the second stage to be dropped in Tempest Keep, but the terrible drop rate means that players may have to wait until Shadowlands Classic to finally drop.

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The three prestige in TBC will provide players with mounts. Although they do not allow players to obtain flying mounts at a cheaper price, players can get more styled mounts. If the player finds himself in the top 0.5% of the arena players, and at the end of each season, the player will get a cute armored void dragon.

In addition, the Engineering Department provides 100% aircraft and 280% turbocharged aircraft. Players need to be engineers to make and use these mounts, so please make sure that TBC Classic Gold players will not give up mid-career expansion. Engineers can also sell them to other engineers in the auction house, because both mounts are bound when used. If players urgently need a large amount of TBC Classic Gold, they can be purchased from MMOWTS.