Different reasons to write an essay

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The expressive paper is a sort of article that requests that the understudy depict somethingobject, individual, place, insight, feeling, circumstance, and so on This kind urges the understudy's capacity to make a composed record of a specific encounter.

Besides fiction and articles, I also like to read professional essay Writing and write non- fiction . So far I have written 4 essays on blogging, but only the last one, which I sent to a publisher last week, satisfied me. Writing an essay, in my opinion, offers many possibilities to a writer, but also to a professional, as long as he has a certain skill in writing.

What are the advantages of writing non-fiction? Not a few, as I see it. I found seven.

1 - Gather your knowledge in a single corpus
There is an opinion that runs in many foreign blogs and that sounds something like this: you have a blog, you have written hundreds of posts, put together some and create an ebook to sell. Here, this is the worst way for me to do self-publishing.Several years ago I bought a pdf “ebook” in a blogfor it and finding nothing more than what had already been published in that blog. "Wrap it up" say the Americans, something like "put it all together". But I also happened to buy two books published by as many bloggers and discover that they were nothing more than a shuffling of their posts.Controversy aside, the writing of an essay in some cases is really a sort of collection of our skills in a sector, but it must obviously offer the reader a unique work and not a vulgar recycling of things already written.

2 - Go deeper into a topic
Writing an essay also allows us to improve our knowledge on a specific topic. I realized this when I wrote the book on blogging, in which I explored some topics during the documentation.If we really want to create an ebook starting from a series of written posts, then - in addition to offering a unique and valuable and not recycled work - we must extend those posts, re-evaluate them, rewrite them in the light of new experiences acquired, new opinions also, because a wise, unless it is historical, it has a certain philosophical flavor, in my opinion.

3 - Change the language
Writing a book is not like professional Dissertation writing UK writing a post. The writer must adapt his language to both the public and the medium he will use to disseminate his writing. It is clear that you will always notice something of the author's style, I think it is inevitable, but the approach to the subject must be different.I didn't like the first blogging book I wrote years ago as a language. Every time I reread it I felt something wrong with those words, in the writing itself, but I didn't understand what it was.After some time I think I discovered what problems that writing had, that style: it was detached, cold, it was not at all engaging, each paragraph was pure information put there.

4 - Promote yourself as an expert
Writing an essay allows the writer to be seen as a competent person in his or her field. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why bloggers are advised to publish informative ebooks - as long as, I would add, that they write and do not recycle.Joanna Penn is an American independent writer, she has published seven novels, but also four essays: How To Market A Book , Public Speaking For Authors, Creatives And Other Introverts (this is for me), Business For Authors. 
What did Joanna do? He simply put his professional experiences in writing.

5 - Learn while writing
Why is a blog important to a writer? Because it always remains a continuous exercise in writing, even if it is not fiction. Writing an essay therefore represents a further exercise, but also a change of language, of style, of approaching the subject, of dealing with topics.All this helps writing, because it introduces us to new limits and new obstacles, but it also gives us a way to overcome them.

6 - Diversify publications
I am always impressed when I see an author with numerous books published and even more so if his works belong to different genres. I think I used the right word: impression. These authors impress their potential readers with their varied literary output.But there is a second benefit to writing essays: attracting more readers (and selling more). There are those who prefer to read essays than novels and there are the reader who, on the other hand, likes to learn about certain topics.Take one of Joanna's random essays: How To Market A Book . Any author who has published at least one book will certainly be interested in learning how to improve the sales of his work.

7 - Provide blog material
But how is it not the other way around? When you have a blog, put the "wrap it up" formula in place and publish an ebook. No, I see it exactly the opposite, otherwise I would not be the usual "opposite Bastian".Writing an essay allows us to create a series of posts that partly reflect professional Report Writing uk the topics covered in the essay. This gives us new blog material, but it also intensifies the "noise" around our essay.