WOW TBC Classic: The best guide for players to unlock the Netherdrake mount

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WOW TBC Classic: The best guide for players to unlock the Netherdrake mount

In WOW TBC Classic, Netherdrake is one of the most beautiful flying mounts. Because of this, it is not easy for players to obtain the mount in the game. Players can only be obtained by completing the mission line and gaining reputation in Shadowmoon Valley. If the player wants it to be unlocked in the later stages of TBC Classic, then players can now start to meet these requirements by improving the player's reputation in the Voidwings faction.

Before the player starts the quest line to pick up this glorious flying beast, the player needs to choose a faction in Shattrath and grind the 5,000 gold coins required to purchase epic flying skills. In addition, the player should also consider the mount and previous flying skills. cost. If players lack TBC Classic Gold in the game, they can spend a little money to buy a large amount of WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS to prepare for the game.

If the player wants to unlock the Netherdrake mount in WOW TBC Classic, the player must be in the Burning Crusade Classic domain and have a level 70 character to complete the Void Wing mission. Flying is not available on the WoW Classic Era server. Since the player needs to talk to the dragon Neltharaku hovering above the valley, the player must have basic flying skills and flying mounts to complete the mission line.

Players need flying skills to reach the Netherwing Rock Wall that opens daily missions. Only epic flying skills can allow players to truly compete in the competition of reward factions. In addition, players also need to perform epic flight to ride it after obtaining the mount. In order to complete the one-time mission line provided on the Netherwing Rock Wall, players need to announce a faction in Shattrath.

Second, players need to start the WOW Classic TBC Gold prestige mission from Modenay in Shadowmoon Valley. Doing quests with him will allow players to begin to gain the reputation of the Voidwing faction. The player starts with Hated, and the player needs Exalted to get one of these gorgeous mounts. Players can gain neutral reputation by completing Mordenai's complete mission line. There are a total of nine missions, and players will gain all prestige in the final mission.