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Walkers Shortbread Love Scotland Tin 150g

Walkers Shortbread Love Scotland Tin 150g

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Welcome to mr. Paul's pantry hi mr. Paul and I hope you enjoy my recipe today now this is something I've had lots and lots of requests to make and it was so simple I just kept putting it off because I thought everybody knew how to do it but it's a recipe that's set

This purebred quite a lot of people add things like rice flour or corn flour or various other things it doesn't really need anything like that just the three Walkers Shortbread that I've shown you and that is utter sugar and flour I'll make a few more just to fill that tray up with and then we'll pop them in the oven now they need to go in the oven at 160 centigrade I will put the conversions underneath the  in what's called the information box we I don't know what they call it he doesn't actually say what he's called underneath but underneath the  if you just scroll down you will see some information and if you don't see what I'm talking about it'll say but see more just click on that and it'll take you to a little bit more it gives the links to my website and to the recipe and everything else and the ingredients so we're going to take that like that you can leave them as long or as short as you want make them as big as you want doesn't make any difference if I'm doing these for a party I just do a little small square and then it looks like this piles of them on the plate they just help themselves there we are I mean if you want to be neater than I mean when we have the shops everyone ought to be the same size of course so we used as.

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I said this Sharon cutter but with this I just make them any size doesn't matter sorry that's supposed to be a nonstick mat there but it's not wood right so there we are they're going to go in the oven as I said and they'll be in the oven at 160 for about 20 to 25 minutes now if you do see them getting too brown take them out because they should only be covering just slightly around the edges and that's when they done don't lift them out and have a feel don't or you'll be fooled they'll still be very very soft like they're not cooked at all you need to take them out and let them cool and then they Harden so you take them out and put them onto a wire rack I'll see you in 25 minutes this by the way is the sharon cutter we used to use when we have the shops it's a make it it's a little cutting wheels on here you can see them and you can make it as wide or as narrow as you want so once you get your thickness you want for york Crips UK tighten it up and it's as simple as that you just run it along your pastry and if you've got long bits of pastry on a big table it's very very easy and it just cuts you everyone the same size like that I thought you just like to know that and there we have the finished product Letty cocktails and shortbread fingers now the taste test hmm just as I thought absolutely beautiful nice and buttery nice and crisp and what I forgot to tell you is when I lifted them out of the oven whilst.

They're still hot I just put a sugar shaker and put sprinkle British Sweet castor sugar on top of them so just a little bit that's all and while it's hot it makes it stick on top and they're absolutely delightful I hope you've enjoyed the if you have given it a long time ago yeah started him yeah a few years ago my grandfather yes aha yeah he established business yeah he was very much involved but when I joined the company we commend in the 60s and brother our generation we to the third generation came in the 60s and then that time was still a village bakery in the High Street and amber lower.