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Metal Corner Brackets

Metal Corner Brackets

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These Corner Railway Sleeper Brackets provide a quick and easy system for joining timber railway sleepers. Our unique and classic design is simple and quick to install and works with all sizes of timber railway sleepers. To fit, you simply bang the brackets into the ground and screw sleepe

I think I'll leave that square a little bit nothing else have the curb right to the point cuz that'll further in weather I'll leave us a little bit square on the roof here that's much Bob there's no board in going on underneath you'll see the rafters so I've got three b2 planed PSC it's not full of stuff to make these joints nice and neat mike says much board only so when you lock up you just see the match baldwin intro and then below the head there as to how much I can raise it by so what I did first was drew this and I altered that to get Metal Corner Brackets the pitch right minimum pitch for these tiles is 30 degrees so I've set it about 35 which is about the same as the house 20 francs for he's how does I think and then I raised this so he shouldn't cover too much in the front of the level of the house and the doors down here at first so Michelle fear got a nice wide board it's gonna be the fascia I'll rip that down but I'll do not serve whatever size I need so we'd be two for afters and this is the 9b3 see it's all cut like that see a lot of the boards were crap. 

corner brace, corner bracket brace, shelf bracket, or L bracket.

Railway Sleeper Brackets and Fixings

Metal Corner Brackets, Corner Brackets, Outdoor Screws


I picked the best out for that Mike's board to go underneath that's the off cut off that will decide to buy a for you for point me a length and then for B 3 for the braces and the rafter so I'll pick the nicest one for the rafter the both got both bits of a bow in them so I'll see which one's got the least knots like this you want at the top early because they're their breakout points see it's a big knot there don't really go all the way through but Outdoor Screws it's probably a weak point now it's not planed all around done but it's quite clean timber so I think I'll keep that one for the rafter for the beam I'll keep that one for the cross beam and cut this one up to maybe make the braces I know blowers a bit of tile button these are the tiles that are gonna go on it I've done some roofing in the past but not a lot about three of these the heavy I bought three of them.


So I could lay them out get me sizes so here are our two members for the top and - they're gonna be on the wall big nights off with Arthur back these two very few notes in a bit billions the brickwork hundred mills shun from one end alright so now goes up just gonna reduce this a little bit so I just run them to through the planer to remove this so Matt I'm on the nice side out it's gonna go so hundred mil mark that it's getting 15 hundred mils beyond that you start going into the cavity it's a novel our spirits only hundred miles wide 110 tomorrow I decided I want to compromise that timber there that's going to be just snap I saw drill through that nice big countersink on the other side.