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Are these especially Meseta pso2 desirable/become mandatory in JP articles?

They help give you an edge. And ulti is not faceroll whenever you encounter 85 supervisors, those things are unnaturally tank. Also, extra RDR bonuses are excellent. Anything to enhance chances are almost always welcome. Not to mention the EXP bonus timeds for performing keys with Earth timeds. Whereas 250% RDR is buyable, only 75% exp profit is buyable, as well as the EXP gain timeds give more% compared to the RDR ones as well. You do not need to use them but they're extremely nice to have and super cheap to get on a weekly basis. The individuals making them are those paying a shitton to get there pretty much.

What is the quickest way to lvl those up? Do you just continue crafting the lvl1 models?

yes. The achievements are simply craft x level 1 or greater things on planet x. (you probably need to attempt and balance arms/legs/rear though, since there is 1 group of achievements that does not care what you craft, then 3 groups that are part special ) just remember that crafting advancement is on a per character basis, so remember which char you're performing it on (and be sure you're doing techs on a different char so that you may have stall on cooldown in parallel)

You mention tipping. How can one do this? I requested techs yesterday and received no pop up to leave a tip or anything. Also, some Cheap meseta pso2 players will have a lot of grinders within their personal shop at a higher cost. Those are intended for clients to purchase to provide a tip. I've seen some setting up their store counter, the gacha device or the kudos counter close to one. I mean a tip is a suggestion, entirely optional, sometimes folks will sit in their PQ to chill and you'd trade meseta (note that this is for prem only) If you're a f2p player and want to tip, you may use private shop and tip in either naverius,lilipa,amduskia, or earth crystals set at 1000 meseta to assist us reroll for better rolls.