EVE Echoes’ "mega coalition" players will fight robots

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Not only EVE Echoes players, but all MMORPG players have noticed that robots have appeared in most digital worlds, and sometimes even made great contributions to destroying the economies of these worlds. Obviously, EVE Echoes is no exception. According to mobile EVE players, NetEase Studio is a little timid in fighting robots. This is why the player decided to create a "mega coalition" that brings together several major alliances of the EVE Echoes ISK game, whose sole purpose is to fight against the famous robots.
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The real situation is that this mega coalition was initiated and created by the Genesis Federation, and was soon joined by the Golden Horde and Silent Alliance alliances, while other smaller alliances have indicated their intention to participate in the war. Save the game. Therefore, the coalition organized patrols to identify farmers’ ships and destroy them as soon as possible to prevent their activities.

Its main task is to significantly limit the use of robots in zero industries, especially Generation Federation, which is already in conflict with Generation Federation. Without special tools, it is difficult to say how many participants the alliance has established. However, Mommasaurus Rex, the leader of the Genesis Federation, reported about 16,000 active pilots. She also explained that after the earlier engagement with the OP4S alliance, a vacuum had formed in the Impass area. But the empty land was not kept for a long time, and was soon occupied by the Death Phantom pilot. Despite the truce between the two formations, the situation was still escalating when the DP players destroyed several Genesis Federation ships. Death Phantom also asked GF's ships not to fly into the area, but to find other routes to high-security areas. As a result, the negotiations reached a deadlock and war was declared. In the world of EVE, nothing is completely simple

The coalition claims to have effective procedures based on its actions, not just groundless accusations. Therefore, we would like to know how the event will evolve in the game world-in addition to MMO, NetEase was also informed about the concentration of robots in Death Phantom, but it seems that there is no official action taken by Chinese operators.

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