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Dell Precision M6800

Dell Precision M6800

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I'm doing a quick review of the Dell Precision Emma 6800 this device came out actually almost seven years ago September 2013 and it is now June 16 20 20 now why am i doing a review on a buy laptop online

The Lenovo and the HP have their batteries in the back so it reduces the number of ports you can have for the Dell you have your exhaust port Ethernet one video out one USB another video out with your HDMI and then your power here on the buy laptop online with the another exhaust port the Dell is the only one with two exhaust fans which I discussed in my other video which I'll show you here in a minute definitely keeps the Intel significantly cooler when I'm stressed testing a lot more stable the Dell has a Wi-Fi card just like the Lenovo here on the side but the lenovo's is on the other side so here's your Wi-Fi switch hard drive bay 2 more super speed USB s and video display

So the Dell has the most number of video outs as well as the refurbished laptop dell number of USBs with 4 USB 3 s and 3 video outs so that's definitely a bonus in my eyes on this but it does not have the thunderbolt where the HP does HP here's your little memory card slot headphone jack USB a more standard size and style cd-rom video out the lenovo on this side has a memory card reader expansion port cd-rom ethernet blocking port so that's them each port on the sides so I'll go ahead power them up kind of go over the keyboards and we'll go from there thank you all right so if power to mom just going to go through some quick aspects of each one and then I'll throw up a video bench test that I like to do just to show how well it performs so this is the Dell in my previous video I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of the wrist rest and the trackpad so there's just wrist rest has an edge right here so when you're typing it leaves a mark at least on my wrist the way I type 

I don't accidentally touch the touchpad though when I'm typing which is nice but the buttons aren't raised at all so if the the way I use a touchpad I usually hit it with my thumb and kind of support it between this line and this line and I don't you know so it's just I just have to learn how to use it keyboard it's flexible when you're typing it kind of you know it flexes I don't know if that comes through in the video real well but you know you can see though he were moving a bit it's not my favorite keyboard it's functional it works I know some people don't like the number key in the offset keyboard all I can say that is get used to it I try to find a 15-inch laptop of 15.6 inch computer store denver and that that doesn't have it nowadays so you know again I don't mind it I've gotten used to it so it doesn't bother me but the keyboard itself it works it's functional I can deal with it going up here to the screen that's its specs as far as you know how window scores it obviously I have a spinning hard drive in here