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In this article, we discuss how professionals work to provide interview transcription services with a detailed procedure.

So, the research or journalist interview has been recorded, now the task of transcription begins. For those who haven't transcript before, often underestimate the time needed to transcript an interview interaction. Generally, a professional takes an hour or two to transcribe a video talk of about 15 minutes. 

But, the interaction involves more than two individuals, or if the interview is talking about technical stuff, then this takes even more time. Further, the transcribing time also depends on the speed of the talk or typing speed of the transcriber. A video-recording takes more information compared to an audio recording.

How to Commence With Research Interview Transcription Services

A professional transcriber will firstly ask the name of the research project, the speakers involved, date time of the interview, or the event. They'll also inquire about the context setting, audio file name, and finally the recorded event or interview. If there are technical or essential points during the interview, a competent transcriber will name time stamps and return to them repeatedly to avoid an error. 

In a nutshell, listening is a fine art; they've to understand every minute detail of what the speakers of the interaction or interview are saying or intending. If you can know the gist of each sentence, then you'll be able to transcribe the interaction more efficiently, just like a proficient individual. 

Things to Keep in Mind

When a professional offers journalist interview transcription services, they have to take into account a couple of critical factors, which includes:-

What to do about the dialects? Like "Dunno" or "Gonna."
Should laughter be included in the text version of the interview?
What about verbal tics and restarts? Such as "mm" or "You Know."
What if the speaker mentions names places with regards to the study in the transcription?
While the answers to these depend solely upon the mindset of the transcribe, does he/she these are important, they can be included.
For confidential interview transcription services, the topics in the discussion are way more important than how it is being done. Yet, statements made sarcastically or ironically cannot be ignored as they are what keeps readers hooked to a transcript interview.

Hire the Best

If you are planning to hire interview transcription services, then inquire about their procedure of transcribing a research interview. Put forth a situation such as what to do with dialects or verbal res-starts in a research interview? Their answers to all your queries will determine whether they are confident or just any other linguist who has recently ventured into video transcription services, because of immense earning support. You can go that extra mile into asking them to provide testimonials of their previous clients or show their projects. All this will help you find a competent transcriber for your upcoming video interaction.