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We have a son to face because this isn't super clear because my British Sweet is not super clear but this is honestly I promised him I wouldn't lie to you this is Santa's fees, oh and the chocolates melting.

We have we have son to face because this isn't super clear because my British Sweet not super clear but this is honestly I promised him I wouldn't lie to you this is Santa's feeis oh and the chocolates melting oh my goodness there's gonna be so much fun eating these and we've got 17 we're now looking for empty earrings right up here at the top all the time and they have to get this on camera and I'm gonna have to use two hands to open this window open and behind window number 18 it says who had all the mince pies well I think the clue in this is Santa's tubby belly and I think Santa might have eaten all of the mince pie but I also might have helped him eat one or two but I think I'm just gonna go ahead and blame it on center so that works for me in this one we have you know I think this is looks like a Moose's head there's probably not what it is and I probably go with that reindeer face number 18 we're gonna go for number 19 number 19 trait here on in present popped my meal in and pull the window box oh hi excited are you now well when you get.

Today where are we 19 that's when Christmas becomes real because it's Crips Uk a few days before you get your present so I'm sure you'll be super excited but comment and let me know if you really love Christmas and what your favorite thing about it is day number 19 we're going to go ahead and get the chocolate ain't no hope I will break this one oh we've got another snowman I sounded disappointed they're actually not disappointed this is all good chocolate Cadbury's chocolate is absolutely delicious so realistically whatever ship comes out of here I'm gonna like it so we're gonna go ahead and open date Wednesday and we're gonna just pop this window right open and it says oh look again I broke the chocolate?

You draw a Santa no I can't but let me know in the comments CADBURY of you guys are good at drawing and you can draw Center oh my goodness I've really melted this one and this was Santa's face if you can see because my hand has been on number 20 for a bit of well throughout this most of this video so I have melted percenter Spieth and I'm really sorry about that Santa please don't put me on your naughty list and I will try to do better um hey number 20 we pick for day 21 is right to go ahead and pop that right open and day number 20 says have a magical Christmas and that is so beautiful because I really do wish you all a magical Christmas and I hope you're all happy and healthy and that all of your family are all together with you and not sure really what this little and this little figure is but I'll still enjoy eating it so that's all good actually I'm really enjoying about this event calendar more than the chocolate which by.