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Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery – A Comprehensive Guide

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery – A Comprehensive Guide

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Joint replacement surgery is one of the most effective and successful advancements in the field of orthopedics.

Joint replacement surgery is often recommended when conventional treatment methods like medication, physical therapy, and rest fail to relieve arthritic symptoms. Arthritis is a condition that affects joints, and as the condition progresses, the affected joint starts to show complications. Degradation of cartilages is commonly seen in the case of arthritis, and therefore, the bones that form a joint rub against each other.

The field of orthopedics is now advanced enough to tackle such issues effectively and conveniently. If the joint is completely damaged, it can be replaced with an artificial one. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of having a joint replacement surgery, if required, along with its brief introduction.


Joint Replacement Surgery – An Overview

Joint replacement surgery is one of the most effective and successful advancements in the field of orthopedics. There are many joints in our body, and they have the ability to bend straighten. That’s how we are able to perform different body movements like walking, running, sitting, typing, and playing sports. Now, when a joint is damaged, its range of motion either completely gets affected or becomes limited. This makes the affected person partially or completely disabled when it comes to using the affected joint.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two of the common conditions that affect the joints. To treat this condition, the doctor often tries non-surgical methods at first. These methods include prescribed medications to relieve pain inflammation, physical therapy to improve muscle strength, and rest. When these methods fail, joint replacement surgery becomes the last option left.

This surgical procedure is also carried out when joint damage occurs due to traumatic injuries, osteoporosis, or fibromyalgia. It involves the use of Ortho Implants.


Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint problems are annoying, and stubborn people, as the affected one becomes unable to perform daily activities without pain. People with issues in their hip or knee joint even find it difficult to walk, and in serious cases, walking just becomes impossible. Let us see some of the key benefits of joint replacement surgery:

Restoration of mobility

The main aim of joint replacement surgery is to restore the normal functioning of the affected joint. After the surgery, the person can experience the normal range of motion of the affected joint. Thus, he/she can perform normal activities without any difficulties.

Less pain

Joint replacement surgery is also performed to ease the symptoms associated with joint problems. Thus, after the surgery minimal to no pain will be experienced, and inflammation will also ease with time. The surgery minimizes the risk of chronic and intense pain.

Reduced chances of chronic health conditions

Joint replacement surgery performed on time is also known to minimize the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, depression, and heart failure.

Safe Procedure

Surgeries used to be riskier but they have improved now, and become safer. Joint replacement surgery has become a safe procedure, and, in most cases, no serious complications are seen. Mild complications are common, and they improve with time.

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