Letter Witing

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Get details of letter writing in Marathi and English for free Format and all things download

Knowing how to write Marathi letter Writing, whether for business or pleasure, is a skill that everyone needs. Sometimes these letters are short, informal emails. Other times, they are well polished for corporate correspondence. Learn how to write a letter step by step and see sample letters. Then, explore best practices for writing formal and informal letters.
Let's look at how to write letters in the correct order from top to bottom. These steps are intended for formal writing, although suggested improvements for informal writing are also included.

Return Address - First, type your full address - including your full name, street, city, state, and postal code - in the top left corner. If you're not sure how to write an address, learn how to write an address correctly.
Date Line - Skip a line and provide the date. Use the date the letter was written.
Recipient Address - Skip one line and enter the full recipient address. For official letters, it must include the name of the company, the name and address of the recipient, as well as the postal address. For an informal personal cover letter, there is no reason to give the name of the company or position.
Greetings / Greetings - Skip another line to enter greetings. This is known as a greeting. In formal letters, use "Dear Sir or Madam/Family:" Formal letters require a colon after the greeting, while informal letters are separated by commas. For informal letters, it is recommended to use the recipient's own name followed by a comma.
Basic body of the letter - Skip a line and start the letter. Divide your thoughts into paragraphs in the body of the letter. You never want to create large blocks of text. Begin a new paragraph for each new set of thoughts or ideas. Leave one blank line between paragraphs.
Free Graduation - Skip one of your last lines to activate a free graduation. Closing can be as simple as "Sincerely", "Sincerely", "Sincerely", or something similar. There should always be a comma after the word or phrase you use to close a letter, whether formal or informal.
Signature Text - Skip the three lines (where you would put your handwritten signature) and include your full name. For official letters, you must indicate your position on the next line.
Attachments - If you added an attachment to your email, skip the other lines and enter "attachment". If there is more than one appendix, enter the number in parentheses, as in "Appendix (4)".