Madden 21 TOTW 11 REVEALED: MUT 21 Team of the Week

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Chris Jones won the LTD card last week and Darious Williams won the POTW-who won the big name this week? In the second half, the players know each other and the elites are separated from the others. Another Sunday means another TOTW is coming to Madden 21 Ultimate Team. In fact, it is a long and complicated process for players to form the ultimate team. It is even more difficult to obtain elite players. If players buy Madden 21 Coins, it will help them quickly form an ideal team.

Who will win the big name this time? Let us find out! As usual, the MUT 21 TOTW card should be officially announced on Tuesday’s "Good Morning Madden". 10:30 am EST / 3:30 pm GMT. Then they will pack it soon. Make sure to take the solo challenge to get the team of the year token!

LTD-Mike Evans. The Buccaneers may not have won a key victory this week, but Mike Evans has shown his strength in a long game with the Rams. His LTD is a 93 OVR card with 94 hops, 93 traffic capture, 93 spec capture and 91 speed super. POTW-Kenan Allen is the WR superstar this week! He has 16 catches, a total of 145 yards, and a touchdown. He always wants to get something from TOTW, which is a 92 OVR card. As you might expect, Allen's body is not strong, but his technical ability is excellent. Saints' substitute QB Taysom Hill may feel a bit tough this week because of his shocking performance.

Hero. This year, MUT 21 TOTW Heros was used to attract more historical players to join the game. In recent weeks, defensive bigwigs Rodney Harrison and Paul Posluszny have come in. So who is this time? On offense, the Packers' receiver Greg Jennings is about to play! For defense, it is Antrel Rolle.

Who is getting more TOTW cards? Remember, if they already have Power Up, they will get 1 for the project! Now if you can Buy MUT Coins this will be a shortcut to help you get the ideal player.