I Have Nothing Against Ranging

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Welcome. I thought I might make a thread, that is easy and quick, this is jsut to your conventional questions, for example, what RuneScape gold level can it be to go into god wars ect; ect;. I thought I would make this thread, to assist other men and women. Since alot of these questions are fruequently requested, and I will post the query, and answer below, to make it simpler for all you folks out there. Additionally, if I haven't posted a response, don't hesitate to post one yourself. . The Fruequently requested!

What level is it to go to godwars? To get past the boulder on the way there, [the rapid way] you need 70 strength and you have to have finished two or three quests. I forgot what ones. soz. To input the dungeons you will need the following: Zamorak: you want 70 hitpoints. Saradomin: 70 agility. Bandos: 70 strength. I will add more when they appear.

Remember the old runescape? Without the Grand Exchange? Individuals would go behind varrok on world 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 to market rares, armor, and trimmed materials? Then you would see the one person who states"selling muddy key. . .500k!" Well, I wondered what happened to all the muddy keys from the planet, and went to buy only one on the Excahnge. First, I discovered that Old school runescape gold they were... 3.4k. Well if they are 3.4k then all the men and women who purchased them for 500k are morons. So I bought like 5, went into the wildy, into the muddy chest, and opened it 5 times. I left out with a lot of decent items, all of which I marketed on the G.E. I spent such as 17k on the keys, and made out with over 30k from the torso. I never knew it actually was decent at all. I just have one question... where do you get mussy keys out of anyhow? I know its not a good means to make amoney in any way, but its kinda fun to go from the wildy to really DO SOMETHING nowadays.