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In order to make the film look cinematic what we do is use practical lighting wherever possible and adopt a less is more approach to light.

Best Video Production Company London UK



If you are looking for one of the best video production companies in London and the UK then look no further than Beast Video Production Company and Creative Video Agency London.


Sample Screenplay from the movie, THE SCENT.


Video Production Company London UK




In order to make the film look cinematic what we do is use practical lighting wherever possible and adopt a less is more approach to light.


That’s it, it’s not more complicated than that.


Again, with each section of the director’s treatment, what we do is link back to the theme. The theme is acts of love and kindness. So, we use this when thinking about the storytelling. So, for example, the time of day when an action takes place tells us something about the story. Is it morning, afternoon, night, spring, summer etc Having more looks and different occasion again makes the film feel more widespread, it feels more real and this enhances the theme.


Colour Correction


We will already establish the colour look in the set and with the styling. So, with this in mind and our approach to the cinematography we will find it easy to make a really beautiful and cinematic colour correction. It will look like real life but in a really tasteful and natural way. We don’t bleach out the whites and make it look like advertising. We make it positive and beautiful in a natural way. It’s all about balance and subtle choices. So long as we have good references and stay true to the ‘natural’ them in all of our choices we can have something that looks really special. And will be a stand out video.


Story Outline / Shot List


The Jumper Scene


We open with the jumper scene. First, we set up the problem and then we give the solution. The question here is “Who is making the loving gesture?” And the fact that we have to ask this question means that right now this scene is not clear and this is a problem, especially as it is the first scene in the vignette.


Best Video Production and Creative Video Agency London UK




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