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Located in the northeastern region of Singapore, Ang Mo Kio, which in Hokkien means “red-haired man’s bridge”, was mostly uninhabited throughout the 19th century. Over the years, Singapore witnessed the development and modernization of many residential and planning areas, one of whic

Located in the northeastern region of Singapore, Ang Mo Kio, which in Hokkien means “red-haired man’s bridge”, was mostly uninhabited throughout the 19th century. Over the years, Singapore witnessed the development and modernization of many residential and planning areas, one of which was Ang Mo Kio.  

 Today, Ang Mo Kio is the third largest planning area in the north-eastern region of Singapore that is witnessing a rise in expansion activities among companies belonging to retail, semiconductor manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Similarly, other companies involved in the downstream segments of the value chain, driven by the need to stay close to the point of production centres and suppliers and reduce overall costs, are also looking for high-tech space in the area. As a result, there is considerable demand for quality industrial as well as warehouse spaces. 

Ang Mo Kio offers a good collection of warehouse spaces for rent Singapore. Likewise, the area abounds with industrial warehouses for rent which are generally used for various aspects ranging from manufacturing to distribution, and more. Each of the industrial warehouse for rent come with their own unique range of specifications and responsibilities.


 When compared to other regions of Singapore, Ang Mo Kio offers a host of benefits as outlined below that makes it an ideal choice for considering a warehouse for rent. 


In Ang Mo Kio, landlords adopt different methodologies for calculating square footage. Some landlords factor in the space under the warehouse building’s drip lines while calculating it, and similarly, there are others who calculate its space from outside of the wall rather than from its inside.

You need to carefully watch how they calculate and what factors they take into account while calculating the square footage. Then, you can easily pick your choice based on what calculation best caters to your specific needs and meets your budget.  


In Singapore, location is the most vital factor that needs to be prioritized first, whether you’re looking for a warehouse for rent or an industrial warehouse for rent. 

Before you decide your pick of the right warehouse for rent, you need to do a thorough research of the available warehouse spaces for rent Singapore. A centrally located warehouse for rent will be an ideal pick. 

It will give you the benefit of easy and quick access to different parts of Singapore vide public and private transport; the best of quality infrastructure; convenient access to major highways, nearby eateries and service companies that your company employees visit; user-friendly zoning rules for operating a warehouse; and so on.  

If you find that your choice of warehouse for rent is in an area that is well-connected and easily accessible, then you can go through the terms of the warehouse contract, and finally, sign it. 


Parking in land-scarce Singapore can at times be a bother. When you zero-in on the location, you also need to factor in the parking space availability, and its suitability for your employees vehicle parking, deliveries and pickups parking, overnight parking, and finally, whether the parking lot will be used regularly and if the same is allowed.

If you have a business that relies a lot on tractor-trailer deliveries and trucks, then you need to make sure that the parking space is large enough to accommodate their demands, and whether they can be parked in the parking lot overnight.

Parking lot fees also varies from warehouse to warehouse. Some landlords charge rental amount for even parking lot (asphalt or concrete) maintenance.


Warehouse security is of utmost importance and must be given due consideration. 

There should be no compromise on it whatsoever under any circumstances. To guarantee the safety of your items and other belongings, ensure that the warehouse for rent offers round-the-clock 24/7 CCTV surveillance, well-complemented by high-level security gadgets, present in every nook and corner of the warehouse. 


Good quality loading dock is critical for ensuring safe and secure access to the warehouse building. They should be big and large with ample space for accommodating any kind of truck or trolley size, and facilitate their convenient turning and repositioning.

It is also vital to carefully study the dock in depth for certain items that are stored can be highly vulnerable to the vagaries of environment.  And then there are some docks that are not exactly waterproof which means the items can get soiled, and become soggy. Some other items that are delicate can also get completely damaged.


Warehouses need to provide round-the-clock quality electrical power supply. This is important from a safety and security point of view.

In case, the landlord is not able to provide a proper answer to your query on this, get a certified electrician or technical personnel to study the warehouse structure and assess whether it is safe and secure enough to store your belongings. They will also be able to tell you whether the warehouse facility has a reliable and sturdy transformer that can withstand the vagaries of weather trends and ensure uninterrupted electrical power supply.


Most warehouses often boast that they provide complete facilities. But fact is that they do not. Some for instance, have warehouses that do not offer complete building HVAC systems which can be harmful to the safety of your items.

There have been cases wherein people have taken on rent warehouses that had HVAC systems installed by previous renters. Due to constant or excessive usage, the HVAC systems will fail to perform properly later and be badly in need of repairs or costly replacements, the burden of which will fall on your shoulders. To avoid getting saddled with such burdens, get the landlord to examine such HVAC systems by a certified HVAC expert. This will give a clear picture whether its 100% ok or not. If not, the landlord should be held liable and made to pay for the substantial repairs or replacement. Only when it is fully rectified, should you sign the rental agreement.


Finally, you need to be clear on whether the rental amount will also include operational costs incurred for regular warehouse activities. There will definitely be occasions when the warehouse for rent might need some repairs. Whether they will be included in the rental amount, needs to be understood properly, for some landlords include such expenses in the rental amount. 

Apart from repair costs, there are taxes, insurance, etc, all of which could be included in the final rental amount. If they indeed are, then as a tenant you will be liable for all of such expenses. Hence, it is important to learn whether they will indeed be included or not, and if they are, then you need to keep a tab on your daily expenditure bill and ensure that it stays within limit.


Whether you’re looking for a warehouse for rent or an industrial warehouse for rent, you can be certain to find the best of warehouse spaces for rent Singapore in Ang Mo Kia. 

All you need to do is to study them thoroughly and find out if they tick all the boxes that meet your criteria for the best warehouse space for rent Singapore, most suitable for your requirements. Once you’re through with it, next you need to utilize the best warehouse space for rent Singapore to the maximum, to earn the best ROI that is value for your money.