A Good Water Cooling System Is Very Important For Plastic Stool Mould

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Tips on some key factors of stool mold making.

A good water cooling system is very important for plastic Stool Mould . Only with good cooling can plastic materials flow smoothly. And the thickness of the stool will be almost the same. More importantly, good cooling can reduce the molding time of the mold.

We will strictly control the weight of the stool. If it is heavier, a lot of materials will be wasted. For stool manufacturers, it will not bring profits or reduce profits. If the intensity is not strong, it may be dangerous to humans. Therefore, RD engineers will consider these two factors at the same time.

It is convenient for the stool manufacturer to transport. We will consider this factor before starting to design furniture stool molds. We will consider how many stool stacks are reasonable.

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