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Tattoo color with tattoo supplies

Tattoo color with tattoo supplies

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To make the tattoo attractive with tattoo supplies several process can be done so that the tattoo look more and more beautiful.

Tattoos are the attractive art which is placed on the skin permanently to give a beautiful and wonderful look to the body. Everyone wants to place tattoo on their body because tattoos look very beautiful. The celebrities place tattoo to look unique and attractive in the media. The doctors places tattoo to look beautiful and also they place tattoo to show the patients that the pain is just temporary this will not along with so to get calm temporary pain must be bared. They all just place tattoo by the tattoo supplies because without tattoo supplies it is difficult to give a brilliant look with less pain these also give professional look to the tattoos so doctors and all other people who place tattoos recommend to place tattoo by these supplies.

Colouring process

To make the tattoo attractive with tattoo supplies several process can be done so that the tattoo look more and more beautiful. One of most beautiful and good way to look tattoo beautiful and attractive is tattoo colour. When a person places tattoo by the use of tattoo colour the look of tattoo becomes attractive and beautiful. There are number of colours for the tattoo and their are different varieties for the colour the individual can place tattoo colour according to the design selected by the person. Here are number of colours for the tattoo placement.

Crystalline state and colours

The colour of the pigment for the placement of tattoos is often conditioned by the crystalline state so that a permanent look can be given. The most commonly used inorganic tattoo pigments which can be used in the process of tattoos are graphite (black) this can be used for simple tattoos , iron oxide this can be red colour this can be black colour this can be brown colour and titanium dioxide this inorganic crystal can give white colour . So these are the colours which can be given to the tattoos by using these crystalline states. From all these no colour can dissolve in the bodily fluids and remains on the skin so give a good coloured look to the tattoo. The colour of the pigments is placed on the body by the use of tattoo supplies so that the colour is not dissolved in the body fluids. These help to place tattoo professionally. Some of colours also give beautiful look like cadmium sulphide this pigment gives yellow colour to the tattoo.

Mercuric sulphide gives colours

  • cinnabar
  • reddish brown

mercuric oxide gives the colour yellow

  • orange
  • red

chromic oxide gives the colour

  • green

These pigments are now only found in old tattoos where the colour is made by these crystals and one crystal can give different colours. Now in all cases, the colour is due to the current crystal structure which is used to make the colours.



The most commonly used tattoo ink which is for simple tattoos and every one want to place black colour to give a beautiful look on the white skin black or blue-black, and the most common pigment is carbon black which is also famous and shining. It is also called soot in a common sense more precisely graphite which is called carbon black and it gives black shiny look which is very attractive among all black colours. In graphite, the carbon atoms lie in layers so that it gives the unique and beautiful look. O

Tattoo Supply

ther colours is also loved by everyone. It depends on the situation and on the tattoo  design chosen with tattoo supply. For example, a person choses sun flower tattoo to place on the body the person will places that tattoo by the yellow colour to give the original look to the sun flower and will colour the leaves by green colour to make it more attractive and beautiful by giving colour to the body by tattoo supplies. So tattoos are placed according to the scenario of the design.


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