EA says 'FIFA' Ultimate Team preview packs boosted sales

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EA says 'FIFA' Ultimate Team preview packs boosted sales.EA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson has said that the new Preview Packs introduced to cheap FUT 22 Coins's Ultimate Team mode have been "well accepted by the public" and boosted sales.

As reported in PC Gamer, during an investor conference on August 4th, Wilson said that Preview Packs brought about "an rise in the engagement" in addition to "a higher conversion rate of those who spend."

"It was coming down toward the closing of the season therefore, some of this data must be considered in this perspective, however, we are committed to continually innovating and around the offerings and the programs we create for our players and think that we'll continue to grow the business over time," he added.

The Preview Packs were released on Ultimate Team in June, giving players the chance to look at what's included in each package prior to making a decision to purchase. The change was brought about by demands from various groups including government agencies, children's welfare organizations, as well as gambling charities, since reports have revealed links between loot boxes and gambling.

However, seeing what the contents of a loot box can help the player make an informed decision whether they want to commit to spend money. In reality, this is actually leading to FIFA 22 Coins increased sales for EA.