Take care of these things while planning to visit desert safari Dubai:

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Each company has different things involving food menu, activities, and other items in Desert Safari Dubai.

Planning a Dubai desert Safari is fascinating and thrilling. It includes quad biking, camel safari, dune bashing, sandboarding, Arab Cuisine, and many more things to do. Many visitors plan their Safari before planning any other item in their Dubai trip. Several safari companies offer many things in their packages.

Desert Safari:

Each company has different things involving food menu, activities, and other items in Desert Safari Dubai. Whether you choose a day trip, night, or overnight, several options for enjoyment make your trip incredibly unique. The desert safari is not only for tourists, but the resident should also have a safari experience, at least for the only time. To feel the priceless moment of dune bashing in the desert, you should try ferocious 4x4 vehicles like hummer or land cruiser.

After this, you can try camel riding in sand, henna tattoos, and falcon holding. All these activities permit you to know more and explore the Arab culture and tradition. If you have decided on the Dubai Desert safari, then take care of these things, explained below: Let’s dive in.

Before the Initiation of Trip:

The confirmed timing and schedule of the trip affect your tour preparation. Typically, the process of desert safari began in the afternoon. Timing can be fluctuating according to your opted time and package. Make sure all the things from the related tour operator. Confirm your pick-up point in order to prevent any difficulty.

Food items and soft drinks:

If you have not ever experienced Safari, it is good to know it is a bumpy ride. In this way, you should have a light meal before sitting on your safari ride. Avoid any food that can cause nausea and vomiting. Don’t think there is any food at the destination.

A sumptuous feast of traditional food is waiting for you, so you can eat plenty of food which is not only fresh but full of deliciousness. On the other hand, you can also buy refreshments like tea, coffee, and water at the campsite, so there is no need to pack your bag fully. Just keep essential things; otherwise, you must face difficulty holding your heavy load.

Shoe wears and Accessories:

Dubai desert safari does not require a specific dress code to wear. But it is not about wearing heavy and bumpy clothes in the desert, the suitable dress that goes well in light-colored cotton or linen. It should be modest. Some suggested dresses to wear in desert safari include T-shirts, jeans, shirts, hats, and light tops suitable to wear. If you select overnight or evening Desert safari, keep a shawl and jackets with yourself.

The reason is when sunset, the temperature begins to drop quickly, and the sand turns into a cold place. However, you can enjoy the hot and cold temperatures simultaneously. Footwear should also be formal. Do not wear closed formal or joggers because the sand will get stuck in them.

In this way, to avoid any struggle to clean your shoes time by time, avoid it. The best suggestion related to footwear includes flip flop, open shoes, and sandals. They will prove as good friends in this sandy desert. Furthermore, other essential accessories involve Sunblock, sunglasses, and headgear.

It is one of the most important things to have. Sunblock will protect your exposed skin from harsh sunburn; sunglasses will protect your eyes, and headgear prevents your head from sharp sunlight. You can bring the other thing with you is Keffiyeh- a traditional Arabian headscarf. It covers your face if there is a strong wind in the desert.

Cash Cards:

It is a good idea to keep your cash card or credit cards with yourself. You need money and had to pay for your development photographs and get video from the official photographer. You can get your pictures at the campsite.

On the other hand, one should know that the things or refreshments at the campsite are a little bit expensive. So before buying something, see the price and then buy if it is suitable.

Pack Lights:

To pack limited and essential things go well. It is a hassle to carry heavy and massive bags as you have to change the vehicle. On the other hand, take the light in weight jewelry and few in numbers. Avoid wearing gold or diamond jewelry.

Things to Do in Desert Safari:

Before going for Dubai’s desert safari, you should expect these full of fun and entertainment activities which involve:

  • Dune bashing
  • Quad Biking
  • Skateboarding
  • Horse riding
  • Camel safari
  • Hummer safari
  • 4x4 Land Cruiser safari
  • Campsite activities
  • Elite feast and traditional belly dance

All of the vehicles, as mentioned earlier, are fully equipped with safety measures for Desert Safari. You should follow them and always listen to your guide man. Please fasten your seat belt as soon as you sit in a safari vehicle, whether it is 4x4 or skateboarding. The golden advice to prevent any bad happening is to listen to your instructor carefully.

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