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The Easy Way to Store Outdoor Furniture for Winter

The Easy Way to Store Outdoor Furniture for Winter

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Any major stains such as dark liquids should be dealt with quickly. Use detergent and a cloth to remove stains when they occur.

You've raked and bagged leaves, covered outdoor faucets, and stocked up on snow gear. But what should you do with your Plastic Rattan Set when winter comes?


The first step in preparing your outdoor furniture for the winter months is to clean it. Moisture, dirt, and debris left on patio furniture and textiles can lead to mold or mildew growth, leaving your furniture in rough shape by the following spring. Follow the suggestions below for cleaning your patio furniture and remember to always let furnishings dry completely before storing.

Maintaining your rattan garden furniture

Keep pets away from rattan furniture as they can cause abrasions or scratches.

Don’t sit on the arms of the garden furniture to keep the structure strong.

Any major stains such as dark liquids should be dealt with quickly. Use detergent and a cloth to remove stains when they occur.

Completely clean the rattan furniture once a year to remove any dirt or stains which have built up over time. You’ll need to use more detergent than a weekly clean.


Properly treating furnishings that sit outside is a must. The best way to treat your outdoor furniture will vary based on material, but as always, consult the recommended care instructions for your specific patio set before you begin.

Covering/Wrapping Your Patio Furniture

There are a number of options available for the covering or wrapping of your patio furniture sets. Ideally, it would be nice to move your furniture into a garage, shed, or basement where it is dry and sheltered. However, there are very few people that have the extra space available to store bulky items like patio furniture. If this is the case for you, there are still great methods for protecting your furniture if it must stay outdoors during the winter months.

Once you have cleaned and dried your furniture and accessories, try to consolidate the pieces to minimize the space that will be required for storing everything. Stack chairs, remove cushions, and dismantle any components that might be susceptible to damage. Select a storage location that is as sheltered from the elements as possible. If feasible, bring your fabric items inside for the winter, or consider putting them in a sealed tote or plastic bag for dry storage. There are a number of commercial patio furniture covers available on the market for a variety of patio furniture types. These covers are usually made from heavy duty canvas that is sealed to keep out moisture and protect from damage. Other options could include having your set professionally wrapped in plastic film or simply using a large tarp that can be secured with rope or bungee cords.

Store outdoor sets

There are several places you can store your outdoor furniture, including a garage, storage shed, or public storage facility. But before you lock up and leave your furniture for the season, set down wooden boards to elevate it off the floor. This will protect the furniture’s feet from moisture and dirt damage.

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